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There was a story here, I understood it completely... I even predicted how it would proceed, develop, and end almost perfectly. This is not how a story should be. I'm not a fan of mysteries by any stretch of the imagination but not many people read or watch a story they already know whats going to happen... it's boring. I took the time to finish this because I was hopping I would be wrong. Sadly, this time I wasn't.


Average characters designs, rainbow hair colors, over the top hairstyles, yet nice scenery and city scapes, non-uniform character faces (at least a few of them), and somewhat interesting enemy designs... I rated this higher than it probably deserved... *shrugs*


Was ok, didn't really care for or against them. It didn't break the flow or annoy me, got my standard 7 for that alone. Nuff said.


Some annoyed me, most were pretty standard fair, one or two were pleasantly unique. There was some development and growth but I wanted more. In the end it wasn't anything to be praise worthy or belittle... mostly.


What can I say, the show had it's issues, quite a few of them. I would have enjoyed it much better if the ending were different, might even have put in a rec or two. As it stands this more than under average show fell even further short once I got to the final 3 eps. At the very end I found myself slightly miffed, to the point that I'd never recommend this to anyone. I might put a few unidirectional anirecs though so that someone having seen this could find better shows along the same lines. And there are better shows than this by far with a very similar story line.











3/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
4/10 overall
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MikeSinner says...

Pretty much a standard set of rules for this type of anime. Pour your own icing over it and you have a "unique" series... No, not quite... Indeed a bit boring, because of predictability, lack of depth and all the before mentioned.But do any of you know what actually happened at the end after the ceremony??Was that yellow flash her returning to slumber? Did he use his power for something?? Like, did he somehow get himself an eternal life as well so he could wait for her?? Because the last few seconds they show the city in a state that gives the idea centuries have passes and yet there they both are, looking quite human-ish... Right??That's a LOT of patience!!Mr. 40 year old virgin, you loose!! =P Gaaah, whatever, it doesn't even really deserve it for me to get all worked up over the ending I don't quite get.

Mar 25, 2011
masterbias says...

I agree, had it the same way. I was skipping though the 2 last episodes because i could predict what would happen, and i was right. It was Utterly boring to the last moment.

Jan 20, 2011