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Aug 29, 2010

ZOMG Boobies.... no seriously, from the first 3-5 minutes into the first ep to the final 3-5 minutes of the last ep there's at least 1 shot of boobs per episode.

Honestly I didn't really expect anything going into this, but boobs were definitely not something I was looking for, and they were quite suddenly thrust into the screen. I was like "well that's a boob" Ok so beyond the whole boob thing I guess I could say that going into the anime with almost no knowledge about it or expecting nothing from it I enjoyed it from time to time.


It was slow to start and gave you almost no information through out up until the very end, even then you weren't quite sure what the hell was going on, but over all you got the feeling that they had a mission, you just didn't know what it was for most of the show. It could have been better but really, I can't say I'm disappointed.


I'd say the art was pretty standard stuff for it's era, nothing particularly stellar but not really bad either. It was pleasing to the eye, didn't have a lot of issues but I still don't like the whole pink/blue/green hair thing. It's not like the characters were so similar as to need to be distinguished by their hair color. Still, minor gripe, so no biggy.


Sounds were almost canned, and there were a few times I was slightly annoyed with the character voices (dubbed version probably to blame here). The music was forgettable and bland but didn't interfere with the mood/scenes so it's not anything to really harp about.


More than once I wanted to slap the middle and younger sister around but really it wasn't in a bad way... I swear >.> The character names were... well Ai, Mai and Mei (I, My, and Me) were... ya I thought there was some sort of running pun here but it was lost on me. Either way I did laugh from time to time when they were calling out to one another depending on the context or how it was worded. Suffice to say, Ai, the eldest sister was my favorite and I honestly say it's not because she had the biggest boobs...


This one was just simple fun, it wasn't a heavy in depth story, emotional roller coaster, or a brain twister. You're definitely not going to find much substance here, plenty of boobs and pantsu shots, maybe a bit of a tear if you're highly empathic. So if you want a quick little fun anime with a bit of cute and silly mixed in, try this one out, you could waste your time on something much much worse, I know I have -.-

7/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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