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Summer Wars

May 27, 2010

Just sat down to watch this movie for the second time and loved it just as much!


Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy gets propositioned to be fake b/f in front of her family.... well ok so this doesn't sound like your typical love story, that's because it's not. Really what you're getting is a bit of shounen action, comedy relief set on a life or death struggle from a world wide web hacking AI backdrop. The story was quite good, had many twists some predictable, some not, and really just kept me glued to the screen for the whole hour and half it played.


I'd like to say that the animation was top notch, in fact to me it was. It was everything I expected from an anime of it's time including the CGI masquerading as hand drawn artwork. The characters were uniquely drawn, no fake colored hair, and no cartoon emo faces. Everything about the animation in here was what I considered to be way better than the average, maybe not the absolute best but close enough to count.


I was relatively immune to the sounds here, I wasn't annoyed by them, the music set the mood well, and it didn't transition abruptly calling attention to itself. I suppose if I were really to care more about this category I'd have rated it higher, perhaps not *shrugs* Because it didn't wow me it didn't get the perfect score.


I liked all the characters, even the annoying cop of a cousin that wasn't really lovable at all. Each of the characters had a sense of individuality and charm, a few (the main ones) were able to grow into better more mature people. Something not easily done inside of what could effectively be considered 3 eps worth of anime. Again, great stuff, hard to dislike.


I obviously enjoyed this movie considering I sat down to watch it again, more over it didn't lose any charm for me during it's second run. If you're not busy, or even if you are, set a couple hours aside to give this movie a try. I could guarantee your satisfaction but then I would be a fool... mama didn't raise no foo :P

Watch it, enjoy it, tell me I was wrong. I'll still say I am right.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Bobnotk Jan 11, 2011

I agree with you on every aspect.  I would have rated it higher if the movie didn't have so many similarities to the Digimon Movie by the same director. (Our War Game, or whatever the japanese title is, cause i watched it in english before i knew what anime was)