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Red Garden

May 26, 2010

Right off I'd like to say if you decide to watch Red Garden I highly recommend you also watch Dead Girls afterward. Being a kind of after story well concludes the girls endings that Red Garden kind of leaves a bit open.


There was a lot to this title, I enjoyed it once I got past all the melodrama. At first it kind of went a story telling in a pulp fiction style, and poorly at that, but thankfully it moved away from this style and continued in a more linear fashion. It had pretty decent progression from ep to ep and made it well worth watching after you're into it. Really only the first ep was hard to finish and even then it ended on a pretty awesome note.


This was really only about average for me, it had it's ups and downs and I was thankful for no rainbow spectrum hair colors. Some of the scenery was quite nice to look at but from time to time it just kind of seemed drab and unimaginative... then again this went well with the theme of the show anyway. Still, I've seen better and I've seen worse.


Mostly forgettable, though both the ED's were actually worth listening to a few times... must be the heavy metal fan in me. All and all, I wasn't really annoyed with them and that, in my book, is always a good thing.


At first I was kind of annoyed by a few of the characters, but frankly this was probably the point. Especially since they eventually grew out of it anyway, my only real problem was understanding the motives behind the antagonist. He did some pretty off the wall and unexpected things that were counter productive to his goals. This pretty much caused a perfect score to dwindle to it's near perfect state you see now.


This title went with the rare yet more realistic, there is not ultimate bad vs ultimate good just shades of gray, approach to it's story. Each character, even the antagonists, weren't really good or evil per say. They just had their own motivations and sense of righteousness. That being said, sometimes their motivations and actions weren't really in sync and it left a kind of confusing taste.

In any case, this title along with it's OVA Dead Girls, was well worth watching. It was entertaining, enjoyable, and at times, down right funny. If you can stomach a little bit of melodrama, or even enjoy it, you just might find something you'll like here.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

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