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What story? It was a story? I felt it was a video journal instead, and a very painful one to watch at that. I felt so sorry for her the whole freaking show, it was very hard to finish. Nothing more can I say about it other than it just wasn't my style of entertainment and someone else would more than probably love this show 100%. So please keep in mind regarding my scores that it is just my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.


This wasn't as bad as I thought it looked to start with, after a while the whole thing grew on me visually. Overall I felt like I was watching a 4 block style comic strip in video format, which isn't a bad thing from an artistic standpoint, nor is it original or particularly stunning.


I had a slight grin when I heard the opening song, not many shows have the guts to (or are already popular enough to) use heavy metal style for it, was a pleasant change. Other than that rest of the sounds were there, immersion was good and I didn't have any issues with the voice acting.


It had a pretty serious lack of characters but those it did have were well done. I really felt sorry for the main character and was always rooting for her. The side characters were not particularly unique but I don't think they were meant to be as she was. This, to me, was definitely the star for it's show.



The thing that ruined this show for me, other than there was no story, is that nothing changed, at all. The first episode would pretty much be the same as the final episode in regards to her overall situation and growth. I was hoping throughout the whole show that someone would save her or she'd finally make a breakthrough for herself but alas the show plodded on episode to episode with same dreary theme. Which I have to it give them ... it was plainly obvious that this was part of the main point for the show in general, sadly that doesn't score points in my book. All in all, the shows depressing theme turned me away despite the multitude of comedy they tried shoving in, or maybe even because of that too, they didn't make me laugh all that much.

I don't think I could ever recommend this to anyone, it's quirky style and somewhat unique layout/theme made it too much of an oddity to really say who would and who wouldn't like it.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Shadowfang3000 Oct 10, 2013

I was rather disappointed when this turned out to be just a direct adaptation of a bit of the manga :/

I thought they'd at least bring in some new scenarios, but nope ._.

Suzaka Oct 5, 2013

I felt like this was one of the most realistic animes out there as someone who suffers from social anxiety and that is painful for some people to deal with. I'm not critizing your review as I don't entirely agree with it but I will throw in that it seems to me that she realized she was unpopular and just accepted herself as she was instead of trying to be something she isn't. That is growth and it's the first step to something more. People don't change overnight. I think the last episodes symbolized hope for the future.

aman7676 Oct 5, 2013

I totally agree with your overall. In those last couple of episodes with the cultural festival, I thought she really could have made some progress. Like with that girl Imae-san, I whish she had gotten to tomoki sooner, then the show might have had a much more positive ending. But alas, all we were givin was a rock solid hit of depression right in the chest region.

Thanks for writing the reiview!