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Jan 23, 2010


The story itself wasn't so bad, all around it had a good message, it progressed well and I enjoyed watching it. I wasn't overly impressed but it wasn't a complete botch job either.


There really wasn't much to the anime that wowed me, it was obvious CGI cell shading style character designs but it was well detailed in it's vehicle and city designs. Still, for current tech it was sub-par.


Sounds were pretty easy to ignore, nothing really stood out and yet to me that's a good thing. 7 is a pretty standard score for me to give this category unless something in particular got my attention in either direction.


This is where it kinda started to fall off a bit for me... the main character I wanted to pretty much die for the majority of the show, his good friend that went with him I wanted to contract some horrid disease and then die. They annoyed me, multiple times, and at an alarming duration. Had this been more than 7 eps, I probably would have dropped it, still glad I didn't as it was worth the effort to deal with it and finish.


As you've probably noticed there is a slight discrepancy from the actual average score and the overall score. My reason for this was inability to ignore impossible situations and obvious tension building scenarios. I really can't explain well because it would mean including spoilers which I really try my best not to include. Really this show had a lot to it but it fell short on the believability scale. Added to this with characters that often annoyed me and you get a poor score and not a lot of hype from yours truly.

If you got 3 hrs to waste, give it a shot, there are worse things to do with your time by far, just don't expect this to find it's place in your top list.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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