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Otaku's 2011 Anime Challenge III

17 JAN

Was a light week for me, and I focused solely on a single show trying to put a dent in one of my bigger titles.

Card Captor Sakura (25 eps, total 30 eps now) - The basic problem with watching a show like this is being smarter (more experienced) than the target audience for the show itself. It's fustrating sometimes to be watching a show and the main character comes off as a dunce because something that's plainly obvious to me is stumping them.

Now, since I'm probably 3x the age of the target audience and just that much more experienced in the world and anime in of itself, I'm obviously going to get what's up way sooner than a 10 year old.

It's not an uncommon problem in anime generally anyway. A lot of the time I'll be watching something that is more geared for adults and the main characters are getting stumped on something that's extremely easy to figure out from my point of view.

Still, the show has a very "Monster of the Week" format being that one card is captured per episode just about, but the unusual thing is how some cards just suddenly show up as captured without an episode to show them to the audience previous to their use in some other episode to help capture another card.

There are a lot of shows that do similar style of some kind of battle is used to gain a new power or ability of some kind and is later used in some other episode, but frankly I've never seen a show that just introduces an acquired power that wasn't debuted in it's own capturing/gaining episode of some kind before. That is one thing that CC Sakura is definitely unique on, and frankly I kind of find it refreshing. For it's time it had a lot of uniqueness that was never duplicated.

Another example would be how her outfit is almost never the same, highly unusual for Maho Shoujo titles of any kind. Usually their outfits are very complex but very set in stone, they might come out with 2-3 versions. As it stands I could probably count 20-30 different outfits that Sakura has worn and 10-15 of those have been specialized specifically for her capturing of cards. A point of praise that I would rarely mention but worthy of it here and now none the less.

That's a lot of words for just 1 show... that should do it for this "episode" of my adventure :)

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