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mostly like animes with lots of story and low on fillers, That is ofcourse, why Death Note is the best!

My ratings for animes are kind of high as you can see, that's because I drop animes i don't like at the beginning, but also don't want to downrate them since i have not seen the whole of it.

I'm not much of a serious guy, so don't take things I say too personally.

Here's my top animes:

1:Death note,(by far)

2:Clannad+After story,

3:Angel beats:


5: Ping Pong: The animation (yes for real)

6:Code Geass:

7:Deadman wonderland

8:Baka to test Shoukanjuu


10:Ano Hana

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sothis says...

You sure do enjoy leaving shitty comments on site reviewers' reviews eh? ;) I recognized your name immediately from the ridiculous statements to vivisqueen. luckily it's pretty clear you aren't someone to take seriously. *pats you on the head*

Aug 14, 2012
IndependentSK says...

Oh man here we go

*grabs popcorn*

Aug 11, 2012
roriconfan says...

Yes I mean the other characters

Aug 11, 2012
roriconfan says...

When it comes to dramatic animation (black and white included) nothing beats FLCL. In front of that, Baka is absolutely nothing in terms of atmosphere and art.

I understand that you see the ending of Angel Beats as a dream, so it has to be sudden in this regard. But here is the problem, it wasn't REALLY a dream because everybody was real in it, not just the dreamer. Each one of them was also supposed to move out of that world for a good reason. They showed us a couple and the rest just left out of screen, thus they just skipped a hell of a lot of episodes.They also went for a most pathetic infodump where they just lazily explained all the mysteries in a dried up monologue. That is just awful man, it loses 3 points just from that.

About Berserk, what the fuck indeed my friend, Guts didn't kill Griffith. It ends completely open ended. So if you think of it like that, it is just left incomplete but not bad or rushed. And the motivations of its characters are completely explained too. Thus it didn't mess anything, it just never got a sequel. Angel Beats on the other hand skipped half its plot and jumped to the end. 

And what the fuck is this VivisQueen telling you? You don't reply to noobs like that just because you have watched a lot. Accept some critisism and defend your opinion in a civil way you bitch.

Aug 11, 2012
VivisQueen says...

Dude, I've reviewed three times as many shows as you've watched. You haven't even yet begun to discover the true breadth and depth of 'mainstream' (let alone great) anime. I am therefore not sure upon which experience you're basing your ignorant comments about my tastes.

My reviews cover everything from Akira to Berserk to Hajime no Ippo, Grave of the Fireflies, Card Captor Sakura, Ninja Scroll, Madoke Magica, several Gundams, Seirei no Moribito, Eden of the East, Sailor Moon, Advent Children, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Escaflowne and... wait, you haven't heard of these shows? Maybe you should crawl out from under your damp, dingy rock and watch some popular mainstream anime once in a while.

Aug 5, 2012