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Accel World

Nov 2, 2012

Accel world is a combination between what could have been a good plot, and screaming to become stronger. Seemingly a half-repeat of dbz, I still watched the series because a friend of mine really recommended it to me. To be fair I have to say I do not think it was great, nor do i regret watching it. It was a decent method to fill time, and there were really good parts in the anime.


Accel world kind of reminded me of Sword Art storywise. Not in the way that accel is from the same maker and takes place later than sword art in that universum, but because it switches between epic battle scenes, and really gay half-love scenes where that dude is apologising for every fucking thing that happens. That bird moved? OMG IM SO SORRY IT'S ALL MY FAULT. bitches want 2 fuck? PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Srsly that dude has issues or something because everytime he gets hit on he just freezes slightly wimpers it off, and then the next 20 minutes of the episode he's dreaming about bitches while he could have been doing them that very moment. 

In short: everyone loves the little fat dude and the little fat dude seems to be retarded or something because he's not quite getting the message. Half reminding me of one of the worst anime i've fully watched "Eureka7" which is about a boy and a girl who join a crew who needs them, then they run away, and the crew chases them over half the world because they need them, and right when the crew is under attack or something that bitch has to doubt if anyone actually likes him while they just travelled around half the goddamn globe for that retard. How dumb can you be?????

Aside from my enormous personal hate for eureka7 this anime seems to be rather alike sometimes. One of the chicks is his girlfriend and this dude doesn't wana hold hands because it's embarrassing... for him.... like really? She is (ofcourse) the hottest chick in school and you're going to be embaressed while already openly having a relationship? where is the logic man? What the hell?

Aside from this dude missing out on all the fun and all the apologising and stuff the anime itsself was pretty ok. A friend of mine said there was really a "death note moment" (something really thought trough that made sense but was really complicated) at the end.   Even though there was a sudden twist, all I could ask myself was: why wasnt thatjust done at the beginning of the battle  instead of completely at the end?.

Even though I'm burning the storyline like a crashed texaco truck in a Michael Bay movie, It was rather ok to watch because if I really don't like an anime, I just quit it. If you can withstand some cliche and are searching for a nice action anime you could watch this, but before you do please check out Sword Art Online as I think it is many, many, many times better.


super cliche cast. Hottest girl in school thinks the tiny fat chubby whom she has never met is attractive for some reason, oblivious guy gets her as girlfriend and she lets him do anything to her but sadly enough he is ashamed to just hold hands. Just add a whole bunch of irrelevant harem whores a best-friend-allyfuck and you've got pretty much the complete cast.


Aside from the piggyworld at the beginning I totally hated, the rest of the drawingstyle was pretty awesome. The fighting interface (mostly the HP bars) were pretty awesome. they were just big enough to see the 1hp left which was exactly enough to win a fight. surprise surprise 0.0


Quite like intro and ending music. Ingame sound wasn't bad either. Nothing special, but nothing bad.


Go watch Swort Art Online instead of this.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Mireal Mar 30, 2013

"That bird moved? OMG IM SO SORRY IT'S ALL MY FAULT. bitches want 2 fuck? PLEASE FORGIVE ME"

Accel world in a nutshell. Lol seriously tho couldn't agree more to this review