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Sword Art Online

Aug 26, 2012


For starters let me say that sword art isn't like Accel world. Accel world is about a fat kid that doesn't know wtf he's doing and just lucks his ass off into a harem world where he is a natural talent.

Sword art actually has a storyline and the character makes total sense because he didn't just get into the game but he has played the beta (he was pretty much addict) and has done alot of research on the maker of the game. No wonder he's one of the best players.

Sword art potentionally has a very good plot, though since it is not finished and not very far yet, we can't see where it's going. It started off as him being one of the best solo players. now (episode 8 just aired) the last two episodes were complete fillers. The story doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I hope that it will not turn into a harem anime, though there have only been three girls seen in the whole series so far (of which two in the filler eps), and since he actually met a guy at the beginning  there is hope.

The story is still far from ruined. It can turn into either a bad cliche harem anime or into an awesome story with the main character meeting different persons, maybe starting parties and a guild or something.

Sword art has a very strangely pacing story. In the second episode two months have past, and after a few eps we have seen one and a half year already. Then it starts to show things from in between that time (mostly fillers) so this anime's timeline is pretty inconsistent. at the beginning of the episode a time is shown. remember:

The game started at november 6 - 2022. It's pretty nice to know how many years have passed since the start and they should put a bit more exclamation on it IMO.

As for now, there isn't much to say about it because the direction it's heading is pretty vague. But so far, exept for the two fillers, I am very content about it.


Looking good, pretty moving. Last episode they let the characters wear normal clothing inside of their house. Doesn't make any sense at all but it's probably to fluffen up the clothing style a bit. It doesn't matter to me but some people give critisism to animes such as steins gate for the cast constantly wearing the same clothing. So at least they are listening to the fans.... or maybe it's just to be cliche again.... Can't tell yet ^^


Good opening decent ending and decent BGM. Nothing special here but nothing bad either.


Main character(Kirito) is very interesting. He helps people for reasons and not just because he encounters a little girl. He acts like a douchebag in the beginning to keep people away from him because he doesn't like to play co-op. Seems rather inconsitent but he has reasons for everything and looks like a very interesting and promising character

Sidekick ho (Asuna) I might have to change my profile picture to captain obvious when I predict that she's going to end up with him. She's (from what I've seen yet) pretty much the only one he hangs out with from the pro players and he has several meetings with her. Also it seems like she is the only one he forms a party with. Also she has maxed coocking so git to ze kitchaaa

Dude he met in the beginning (yeaaa... what's his name again?) He didn't really do anything so far. He played a minor role in one of the earlier episodes (I believe we saw him again in three) but so far he's been doing jack. He will probably get involved again later on.

As you can see the character cast is (after 8 eps) still vey limited. As there are almost never just three main characters (let alone two) there will probably be some new characters introduced later on. Let's hope they are not harem girls and make sense and that this anime shall take the right path.


Now at episode 11 17, sword art has turned into an awesome anime with an amazing cast. The most noticable thing about it is probably that it is really the first mix between a real japanese "kawaii" momentum anime and a serious story that is actually going somewhere. This anime jumps around from doing awesome stuff to having a incest-seeming sister. Nonetheless, there are just a eps that do barely matter (6-8 and I believe 15 was rather worthless too). Has became one of my favorites and looking forward to the release of the next episode tomorrow


I will try to update this review weekly. So far the anime looks good but with last two episodes being pretty much filler is not a good sign. Let's hope the best(I'm expecting it to continue to be awesome) , but if it continues this way it will end up with a total score of a 4. Continued as an awesome anime after 2-3 "fillers"

9/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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