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Aug 13, 2012


This review is going to be rather harsh sounding, I am not implying at all that this was a bad anime, these are just the biggest mistakes I found,  and they get the anime from a 10 to a 6 Which is still maybe higher than it deserves, since I have found a major Inconsitency (at the end of review, it's a bit of a spoiler so I recommend watching untill about episode 20 if you haven't seen it yet.)

I wonder how the hell this got third place on anime planet and death note doesn't even make the top 10 haha

Starting off, the first seven episodes are just plain BORING. The most fatal flaw that this anime has are the character introduction episodes. After about seven episodes(that's two hours and twenty minutes) steins gate will FINALLY start to become interesting, and it is probably not untill about the damned Twelveth episode that you will find yourself getting drawn into the story.

The story itsself seemt pretty deep, though it is actually not really. After the first watch you will understand everything in the anime. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO GOOD DEDUCTION DONE.

For an anime that appeals more to the intelligent side of the viewer I found this rather dissapointing. If you have seen, for example, Death note, You will find Light and L making excellent decisions based on excellent argumets that actually make excellent sense. In this anime about everything is just discovered by trying. In fact, it's even worse. If you have seen the anime you might have gotten the impression that Okarin is actually a smart guy. Well, not really. If you think about it, he actually got everything handed to him. The funny thing now is, that Okarin who's pretending to be a smartass didn't show any valid intelligence or capability at all. He's like a leaf in the wind. What's even more dissapointing is that there were absulutely no deductions made, even by Kurisu, or anybody of the whole cast that surpassed my own, and probably the avarage viewer's deduction skills.

This is one of those animes of which you are supposed to believe the main characters are intelligent. Not because of their findings but because they do stuff like build complex machines. Also it is pretty dumb that the solution to things in this anime, mostly mysteries of time travelling, are things that the author can completely subject to his own will. Let's keep in mind here that parallel universes and stuff are not facts, they are only given as a fact for this anime. It kind of reminded me of Code geass. You see Lelouch playing with a chessboard and saying random stuff to his mech soldiers, and then they win the battle and everyone says that he's a super mastermind. All the viewer can do is just believe that he managed the battle like a master tactician, because there is no way that they could take the time to explain what is going on. (though code geass gets high grade for best ending ever)

Aside from him not being smart, it's even worse! He's fuckin dumb! I'm talking ofcourse about the part with Kiryuu Moeka. He just invented a damn time machine, and then he's all like: Hey I just met you. And this is crazy. But here's a number. So text it maybe.

To put it simple: It seemt like the maker didn't put any effort in the anime to make anybody in the whole fucking cast make atleast one good thought through decision.

I have rewatched the anime right after the first time (Not because it was super awesome but because internet wasn't working and some other reasons combined with that) and to be honest, there were absolutely no new things to discover. Nothing. Nada. Maybe you know that feel when you see something for the second time, and suddenly you notice something you didn't notice before and realize that it's pretty awesome? Well, not gonna find it here.

Even though all these downsides this anime managed to come along pretty well. Why? because the main issues that arose in the anime are pretty damn interesting. Even though they are eventually not really solved by any deduction, and you are just subjected to the storyline, The actual problems the creator came up with are damn good. After saying that it's kind of too bad that half of the anime is ripped off of the movie "The butterfly effect" And you can tell me everything is ripped off but that doesn't make me think you put any effort in it. My graduation work? Wikipedia ofc ofc.


Overall there's just the modern anime drawing. I am no expert on this area, but it all looked very nice. liked most of the places and scenario's though it is a bit lame that they are almost always showing the lab.


The sound of this anime is acually a real downside. I have to admit that the opening was pretty good, but that is about it. It's been about five days since i've seen Steins gate and I remember nor the ending, nor a single background music track. Speaking about BGM, there wasn't a really impressive job done on that either.


At first sight the cast seems very bright and original. That is, Untill you realized that they are pretty much ALL ripped off stereo types.If you think about it it's kinda funny that there's not a single person in the whole cast you could actually call "normal" where's our shy guy :(

The first really noticable ripoff is Ruka Urushibara. She/he is just a ripoff from the many women men lookalikes. Already seen this type in "baka to test" though atleast it had some originality in there

Shiina Mayuri reminds me a bit of Menma from ano hana. Total airhead, nothing interesting to say ever, almost knows protoganist better than he does himself and always happy.

All other characters were rather much of a ripoff too. Can't really think of Okabe's ripoff though. But I kind of made it clear why I don't like him anyways


While writing this review, I started to notice how many downsides this anime has. Nonetheless, the real reason that this anime is so high rated is because the issues that come up are very interesting. I think it's a nice anime to watch but definately not a masterpiece. This is proven by the major flaw i shall now describe: ( Kind of a spoiler, don't look untill you seen ep 20


When Okabe went memory time travelling in the second part of the anime, he could only go back for 48 hours at a time. The reason for that being 'If you go back more than 48 hours your memories would differ so much that they won't be able to merge with your past self '. Practically this means that he is only allowed to re-do 48 hours of time, and then has to wait another 96 hours before attemting to memory travel again, because else he won't be able to merge his memories with his past self because they differ too much. Funny thing is: Okarin keeps going back in time and plays the day with mayuushi's death over and over again, which would then theoretically fill up his memory so much that even though he only relived 48 hours, He relived it multiple times, which means that if he went back after the second time he would have already gained a 96 hour memory difference with his past self. And then think of that scenario times 100 or something. To make it even worse than that, Kurisu (she'sthe maker of that thing!) even once suggests that in a certain point of time he should go back to the past as much times as possible, though wouldn't using it two times in a row defy the whole purpose of it anyways? What is this, sorcery?


5/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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flaze Jan 13, 2014

Some points I agree. Others, I think you could've worded better. I still think it deserves a little higher rating. In fact, considering you gave Sword Art Online an 8.5, S;G should get a ten (mfw you complain about inconsistency then give SAO a better score)

As far as the "major flaw" goes, check out the movie. You'll see the effects of that. Of course, the conclusion to the movie doesn't make much sense, but that's probably the best explanation you're going to get.

Howlorihara Sep 14, 2012

You voiced your oppinion of the show very well and I respect you for it.  I really loved the show but you did an excellent job arguing some of its flaws.  

IndependentSK Aug 17, 2012

Nice review, I don't agree, but I don't want to argue