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Angel Beats!

Aug 8, 2012

One of my favorite animes, owns itsself a righteous place in my top 10!


Being a complete fantasy anime, It is actually funny how real it seemt. Everyone must fantasize about things from time to time, being locked up with a select group of awesome people, to fight against a single strong enemy is pretty nice. I loved the concept of the anime.It's like a zombie apocolypse, exept there is only one zombie, and there must be teamwork so people can prevent eternal suffering.I also LOVED the different persona's. There's people coming and going, each of them have their own problems, actually this anime is pretty comparable to the at the moment(pretty popular) airing show 'Kokoro connect'


I never really complain about animation, In this case I totally loved it. I am a huge fan of bright and relaxed scenario's, and for some reason a few of those in this anime really got to me. No problems with graphics here whatsoever!


This anime has one of the best, If not THE BEST openings i have ever heard! It fits the anime perfectly, I couldn't have thought about a better kind of theme!


A very original cast. All of them are very different from each other, and I can't really say that any of these characters were ripped from anything. ESPECIALLY T.K.! HE'S THE MAN!


one of my fav animes of all time. OF ALL TIME!, I have rewatched it three times (not after eachother ofcourse, with about a year's time in between each rewatch), the pacing which at the beginning was so fast that you could almost not keep track of what was happening is way easier to follow if you know what's going to happen,  also making it less fun.

But it'smostly very nice to see those beautifull scenery's and to hear that awesome music again.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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LimeCultivist Jul 24, 2013

This anime was terrible. The Animation and Sound were great, but the plot took a good idea and wrecked it, with pointless enenjoyable episodes with the same attempts to please everyone as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Only a few characters had any development and the ending is the only reason it was so sad. Also, it wasn't funny, ever. But that's just my opinion, have a nice day!

roriconfan Aug 8, 2012

Easy on the scores. There were very few episodes to allow the characters to develop.