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Aug 8, 2012

Why would anyone do this to such an anime? WHY!!??!?!

Berserk was one of the best anime's i have seen. It would have probably taken third place in my top 10, but that was untill the ending.

The ending of this anime is so horribly bad, it doesn't make any FUCKING sense anymore. and not in a way that I can't accept it, such as everybody would die by the army, No this anime's ending is so freaking weird, If you have seen Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, I'd say you could kind of compare the ending's level of weirdness to eachother.

The strange thing about that? Mahou shoujo was from the beginning very strange, Berserk Is about a guy who is fighting his way to the top, If you have read the anime description you should get a vague idea what it's about.

At episode 1 Guts is fighting a huge demonic monster, after that the anime suddenly transforms into what the description says. Is that related at all? NO. is the ending of berserk related to the rest of the series? NO.

Sound and animation: awesome, both have been done very well and I can't really complain about anything.

In short: This was one hell of an awesome series to watch, Though unless you are up for some reaaaally weird stuff, You're going to be dissapointed with the ending

5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
5/10 overall
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TheStampede01 Dec 2, 2012

coffeebreath summed up my thoughts well on your review, but to add on, Go read the manga.

coffeebreath Aug 12, 2012

There was plenty of foreshadowing to link the ending to the entire series. Maybe you just forgot to pay attention to that fight between Zodd and Guts, and possibly every conversation Guts had with Griffith. And of course the scenes with the behelit. And obviously, the first episode which shows you how Guts will end up in the future. And the most obvious thing - the narration that introduces every single episode!

It was made very clear some dark and disturbing shit was going to go down. The ending still shocked me despite this, because of the sheer magnitude of Griffith's downfall, or transcendence, depending how you look at it. And, well, that's a key element. You say yourself that the anime is about a guy fighting his way to the top. Did you honestly expect Griffith to get crowned king and take Charlotte as his Queen and everyone would sing and drink fine wine? C'mon man... there was too much dark shit going on to hope for a happy ending. The God Hand were seen in the first episode, the behelit obviously not just some random pendant. The existence of demons made very clear. Those things were going to come together eventually, what makes this ending my favourite is just how dark the result is. Lesson here? Pay attention next time maybe.