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Story? what story? If you are looking for a storyline then you can skip this anime because there is almost no story whatsoever.

This anime is about a school where students with high marks get a classroom with superior equipment, from class A (personal study corners, laptops, even a minibar! etc,) to class F (cardboard boxes, broken window etc.)

Akihisa Yoshii ends up being in class F, the reason for that: He is a complete idiot(baka in japanese). In order to get better equipment for the classroom, One does not get better equipment: One takes anothers classroom! hell yeah!

With 'summoned beings' (shoukanjuu) that have power based on the grades of a student, classes can battle eachother. The objective of this battle is to destroy the class rep's shoukanjuu. The first class to get their shoukanjuu destroyed loses. Now there are several strategy's of battling, meaning that the battles are not totally grade dependant and so there shall be challange!

So the complete story: Class F wants to get Class A!

You can see that the story itsself isn't about saving the world, Actually, Nothing important for society ever happens in this anime.


The maker of this anime has the talent to let things be discussed in such a way that it seems like important missions are given, yet everyone knows that it's just bigtalk to make their worthless objectives seem somewhat more meaningfull, the voice acting, the way a scenario is presented in a black and white talk sometime. You can almost feel the words reach the midst of your heart (even though you know they are pretty meaningless).

In short: If you are looking for story, there shall not be any. If you are looking for a hilarious comedy that has some very well thought through jokes, Baka to test is the anime!


I think the animation is awesome. The way that some scenes are drawn in black and white is so awesome it just transferred the emotion for the screen to my heart. There haven't been any real flaws in the animation either. It might be a little corny/slapstick from time to time, But i'm fine with that!


Same as animation. I have seen animes where I found the characters personallity convincing... This anime makes the characters FAKE personality seem convincing!


This was one hell of an awesome anime to watch. I don't believe there were any real drama moments, No sudden turnaround and cry time, no. This anime is PURE LAUGHTER and nothing else!

1/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Robbhus Jan 5, 2013

I think you rated story too low. I agree there ai't much of a story, but there still is some. The story bases arround ther struggles to get the A-class equipment and room alongside with all the sidetrack-problems on the way.

IndependentSK Aug 11, 2012

Most important rule of rating anime:

there should never be more than two point difference between story score and overall score. If the story sucks the whole anime does. (There are some good anime which lack overall plot, like Kino's Journey, Cowboy Bebop and Mushishi, but they at least have some depth) I couldn't get past first half of the first episode.

Animation looks ok, there is nothing exceptional about it, but this anime is seriously not funny, it's full of stupid slapstick comedy and I didn't even grin once.

roriconfan Aug 8, 2012

The animation is hardly good as you maki it. It is very stiff. Even the artwork is just ok compared to other anime.