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Death Note

Sep 13, 2011

Death note? Epic the word to describe this series.

warning, this anime requires a level of intelligence above that of the avarage human. You might have to rewatch it to understand it even better.

Death note was the first thing i ever watched what i can consider 'anime' exept for the stuff that came on TV, though that is classified more as cartoons IMO, since dragonball just was like krillin: 'GOKU!!' piccolo: DONT GIVE UP, WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT' and then everybody else yelling that, goku screaming once, and that all again

(not saying dbz isnt good, just a bit overextended scenes(lol 15 eps for a spirit bomb))

With by far the best story ever of any anime(watched a lotta anime after death note already)awesome graphics, suberb sound and having it rewatched seven times it is by far MY NUMBER 1 ANIME and I am as some hater say,a death note fanboy :)

I am glad that I wasn't watching this anime while it was airing, because I would have probably died of impatience.


What i probably like most about the story, is that exept for the death note self, everything would be possible in real life, like the ways Light uses to hide his identity are epic. It must have taken a genius to come up with such things so I have deep respect for the writers of Death note.

Like everyone I admit that the third arc was bullshit. It doesn't even exist for me. watched it, maybe 6/10, but it's it.

(this is also the reason death note doesn't have a 10 for me)

Death note probably contains more story in 5 episodes than whole naruto has uptill now. If you miss one episode of it, you will not have a clue wth is going on anymore. When i was watching, I once felt I was almost at the end of the episode, because so much had already happened, though the watching bar said I was just at 5 minutes :D Death note is by far the most fast pacing anime I have seen, and probably will ever see.


Everything is so gorgeous... I especially love how they didn't use slapstick emotions like almost all animes. I'm not saying that it's bad but it would have totally destroyed the intelligent look of Death note. Also scenery's etc is awesome. best: everything is moving exept for just the characters mouth, exept for moments when it's not appropriate (like when everyone is in a shock)



I find the japanese voices of death note kind of inappropriate, it does have emotion, but the dubbed version fits way better. I am usually not a fan of watching dubbed, but death note is just dubbed so perfectly, mouth synchronysation, and also the lower-voices the characters have. especially L's voice is best i could imagine. everything else, like the opening theme is epic. I am a drummer myself and i have to say that even though    OP1 sounds like an ordinary rock track, It's actually one of the most original drum track's i've ever heard.

L's theme B is one of my favorite songs. It is the reason I actually found out about the anime, I heard it while playing OSU and I just had to look it up. (GLAD I did!)

The metal theme is kind of wtf'y, though exept for the weird lyrics, some screams and purposely sung false notes, it wasn't even that bad to hear after a couple of time(usually i hat emetal)


Law1337, need I say more?

This anime has got a more awesomeness in two characters, than in the whole cast of durarara!! Light and L were both totally epic, even though i kind of was on light's side, I just loved L because he didn't really do it to stop evil, but just for the lulzz.(based on the fact that he only accepts cases he wants to and not to help)

Light did actually get the crime percentage down by a lot, and even though he was vizualizing himself as a god, He did actually manage to help humanity a bit. Most people think of Light as one evil dude, though he did not kill the innocent, he only killed those of who he was sure were guilty of a crime, or those who stood in his way. I once stumbled upon a guy who said: Light betrayed everyone, though he actually thought that Lelouch(from Code Geass) should have totally eliminated Suzaku in that series. Kind of hypocrytic not?

L is my favority anime character of any series so far, His looks, the fact he can eat all the candy!! , the awesomeness of him not sitting behind a desk but actually going on all out offensive. LIKE A BOSS...

If you haven't watched this series yet give it a try right now. I was amazed that I hadn't ever earlier heard of the series before

9.9/10 story
9.9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.9/10 overall
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RingoStarr1991 Oct 28, 2012

I wouldn't call this show epic but it was a pretty good watch. I would of enjoyed it much more if the ending wasn't such a let down.

IndependentSK Aug 14, 2012

Good review, agree with everything you said.