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Blue Exorcist

Jan 18, 2013


In the beginning it started off pretty boring, not much going on, dude having problems and school at stuff and BAM DEMONS MOTHAFUCKA. anyhow, Rin goes to excorsist academy to slay demons but    BAM  he's the son of Satan. Now that being all nice and stuff he has to hide it. also he slays some minor demons and BAM HUGEASS MOTHAFUCKA SHOWS UP AND HE WHOOPIN HIS ASS YO!. 

Ok now seriously:

The anime started off quite boring as I said, the training phase was pretty nice but the thing that really doesn't make sense is Rin's flames being he most OverPowered shit ever. He starts off fighting small demons and has mucho problems with those, but instead of going to mediocre or medium demons he just gets the fucking bossbattles right away and guess what? HE'S GOT TEH POWAAA. There is absolutely no real transition anime and in the end little spoiler (It started to be a dragonball/pokemon/digimon BELIEVING IN MAH FRIENDS YO   anime. )

Overal I think the beginning was bad, the middle was pretty good and the ending was just baaaaaad. I do hope there will be a sequel as there are many questions unanswered and it was pretty fun but the reason I dislike this anime  a bit is because his power is differing so much every fight. First he whoops a huge demon, and the next day he gets owned by a lower level one. like what the hell dude? 

Don't do drugs kids.


: Pretty nice, Mayuki has a melonhead though. Kind of resembles her suddenly retardedly huge boobs. Some decent blue flames and stuff but nothing really special IMO


: Disliked pretty much every theme song in the whole anime, which isn't usual for me. I usually like atleast one of the themes. Aside from that the voicing was k


: these guys were so mainstream I felt like I was on the world wide web (cuz i'd be surfing LOL ( damn I'm funny today -_-'))


Yea so I'm very unstatisfied with the rushed ending and just how it completely made no sense at all. Rin's power level rises and lowers ever fight it seems. Sometimes he's superman9001 and the other time he's pussyboy69

7/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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