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Probably one of the strangest ratings it can get. Even though this anime did really grip me, and I watched it all in two days, I don't really think there's any rewatch value. I'll try to explain it in short:

Story: Starts like a kind of gruesome murder accident anime where it looks as if humans are fragile as fuck and they break within the slightest accident. The accidents in this anime did not really impress me as they weren't really triggered by anything or follow up a chain reaction, something just breaks or someone falls and he/she dies. Why? Well that's kind of the mystery here. Probably the lamest thing about this anime is that you really don't get it untill episode 5. As inapropriate as it is I completely laughed my ass off  when "really tiny spoiler"[ a dude died of a heart attack. All I could think was: "Damn you Light  Yagami....]Spoiler end"

Death note jokes aside, This is kind of the typical horror movie where some things do just really not make any fuckin sense. Especially Mei is all like, hey let's just let people keep believing things while I already know the very important truth. The guy is like the ho' in slenderman who goes into the house just to find a fuckin note which has some stupid text on it that doesn't even matter. I mean, do you WANT to die????.

Also appereantly if ONE woman chases TWO GUYS with a knife, they run and scream like little bitches. Even after they disarm her they just keep running instead of atleast trying to bind her (prolly killin that bitch would be easier tho.)


Ok now let's look at it without the couple of retarded actions. The animation looked pretty good, nothing was really censored, Lame thing was that everyone was just so incredibly fragile and legs and arms got ripped off by absolutely nothing. Also whenever you fall, always remember to land on your head. 


Intro was bad, ending was bad IMO. There wasn't really music in the anime itsself but more a kind of heartbeat building up, or just sound getting louder and louder as somthing dramatic  is about to happen. They made a lot of feigns with it though, so it wasn't really clear when the tension buildup ended in someone's death.


Kouchi (The main character) is interested in horror. This makes the anime a lot more believable because some scarypants weewee would have probably not done it all. Not much to remark on the main character actually. Seemt pretty good.

Misaki Mei: makes the anime very mysterious, really annoying thing is that she knows alot of important stuff with which it would be incredibly easy to solve the mystery, and she just doesnt say a fuck. Nice character but doesn't really make sense.

The rest of the cast: Lot of people, lot of em die, lot of em don't. If stupid misaki would have talked more there would probably be only like half the amout of dead people which is pretty gay tbh.

In short:

Even though this whole review is pretty much only negative, I'm not really dissapointed with the anime or the ending. I just think it is kind of lame that they it kind of has the standard hollywood horror movie attribute of just screaming for danger. Strangely enough one of the best anime's I've seen in a while. But it is only really grasping after you get past episode 5.

If you (re)watch this anime, It's pretty fun to actually just look at it from a completely sadistic perspective, and instead of living with the characters just to laugh your fuckin ass off at everyone who dies in a completely retarded way. 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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SoulE says...

Pretty fair review. Though I wouldn't read it unless you've already seen Another.

Dec 16, 2012