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Jan 21, 2012

Kamisama no Memo-Chou

Originally a light novel series written by author Sugii Hikaru, Kamisama no Memo-Chou  tells the story of a high school student, Fujishima Narumi, and his interactions with the NEETs investigation group. This anime is a rare spectacle amongst the plethora of 2011 animes. In the aesthetics department, it was one of those more flawless candidates. With the increasing quality of animation in the anime business, it has become an issue of whether the audience can relate or adhere to the original art style. This itself is subjective, however I personally beamed at the consistent beauty prominent within Kami Memo. The storyline in itself is much similar to Gosick, where every few episodes, with the exception of the initial episode, includes the introduction of a new scenario where the NEET team attempts to solve.

Story: 7.5/10

The story itself was fairly decent, however the plot is somewhat weak and uncohesive. This arises from the notably disconnected episodes which places a risky limit on the development of characters and background information. Despite this, each episode was thoroughly enjoyable - from the gradual discovery of character relations to the sporadic jokes related to Alice's underdevelopment. Each installment of the anime offered something to look forward to, although ephemeral, the makers of Kami Memo have created a deept bond, generally casual, between the client and one of the protagonists; normally Narumi. Throughout the anime, the story remained very consistent, in some cases, the outcome of a case is completely arbitrary and unpredictable. Despite this Kami Memo follows true to its detective genre fitting everything into a logical sequence with each case, thus making Kami Memo an anime to be desired.

Animation: 9.5/10

In terms of animation, there is little to say. Kami Memo's art and animation is something worth mentioning. Unlike the animation in many good animes, Kami Memo's stays consistent ensuring the efficient, smooth quality of every episode, every scene and each and every frame! The smoothness and appropriateness of the animation for each context present generates a feeling of fullness, it makes the 23-24 minute episodes seem much shorter than it is. The occasional, unorthodox movements of Alice, such as the anime faces, are slightly different in the sense that it is rather difficult to express emotions of an usually phlegmatic girl. The awkwardness of this, however, is negligible when compared to the expressions of the remaining characters. The animation during the opening theme is something rare, very few animes have such quality and extravangance in their openings, from the keyboard presses to the fading Alice, it was truly something amazing to behold. Overall, the animation in Kami Memo is smooth and an enjoyable piece to watch.

Sound: 9/10

The sounds of Kami Memo were suitable in most aspects, fitting appropriately in all the right places. The quality is ensured with each and every decibel, although there are occasional parts where you can't help but feel that something better could've been used. The voice actor Kayano Ai did a marvellous job in breathing life into Alice, she captured the monotonous voice of Alice during lengthy explanations as well as the cute squeals from Alice when she's in a bathing predicament. Finally another notable aspect is the opening song "Kawaru Mirai" by Chouchou, it was a great piece of work, most-suitable for such an anime as Kami Memo. The great voice acting and sound effects in Kami Memo enhance and enforces the overall viewing experience.

Character 7/10

As previously mentioned, the discrete nature of the episodes resulted in the underdevelopment of many main characters. Little is known about the various backstories and origins of the NEETs group. Occasionally some bits and pieces are mentioned in particular plots, however all in all, the characters were a big unresolved mystery. However the character design compensates for the lackings in the development. From the cheerful, highschool nature of Ayaka to the victimised aura generated by Narumi; each an every character left something of an impression. However, it is indubitably Alice whom shone the most, her nature and personality is incongruous with her chibi appearance making her corrections and complaints towards the NEETs group somewhat humorous.

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7/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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