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Im 5'5,a little over-avarage weight, and my hair is black and some other color.  (before that it was green, then pink and blonde, then blue and pink, then red, then black, then blue, then purple) 

I wear alot of black and have a bad habit of biting my nails untill they bleed.

I love candles playing with fire and matches. I love the smoke rings that come off of my incense sticks that I light frequently to make my room smell better and feel calmer.

I like being on the internet,talking to people and playing on gaiaonline and tinierme.

Im not insulted easily but if you start talking about my friends or family in a way I dont like prepare to have your head amputated and fed to my dog. I am not kidding.

I love watching musicals and anime alone in my room, night or day. (alone becouse i dont like people to see me cry.)

I am drawn to the lonely people, the ones that hide in the dark places or dont participate in one thing or another. I like the outsiders, i feel i fit in better with them.

I am extreamly empathetic.

I love babies more than pretty much anything in the world and i look forward to being a mom someday.

No i'm not in a relationship and i dont have any children. im only 18, geez.

I laugh at everything. If you tell a joke and its not funny, that one person who laughs anyway to get rid of the silence, thats me. I dont always know what im laughing at, most times i just laugh at their facial expression or the way they said it.

I LOVE anime, i just started really getting into it about two years ago and im hooked ever since. 

Im a very loud, very out-there, get-in-your-face, happy type person.

I spend most of my time alone in my room with my music, my books, my anime and my cat, Black-Eyed Susan by name. To her I tell everything so if there's anything else you want to know of me I suggest you ask her.

DO NOT try to change who I am, you'd be waisting your and my time.

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wolfangel87 Dec 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

iKaity Feb 28, 2010

*Late* Welcome to AP! (I loved Ponyo too!) <3 :D