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Hai! I'm Oni nice to meet you!I'm 18years old. 176cm tall and i weight 'bout 65kg

From today on, i'll be working with Anime-planet, please take good care of me everybody.I play rpg's and fps's my favorites are:MMO/RPG: FFXI, FFXII, FFVII, FFIX, RagnarokOnline, 2moons, beyond divinity, GuildWars.FPS:Counter-strike (1.4 ,1.5 ,1.6) MaxPayne2, SoldierOfFortuneII, OperationFlashPoint,Half-life1&2,Quake1&2&3,Battlefield1&2.

I enjoy music nearly every genre (i dont get R&B or pop too well)Curretly im enslaved by Classic music and Japanese rock and punk (talk about wierd taste)I'd like to share band named Abingdon Boys School with everybody who's intrested in rock music. I love beethoven escpecialy 5nd and 7nd symphony.I'm a party boy, and i do have pictures of my self on internet (maybe i'll show YOU some, maybe i do not ^^) most likely nobody cares thou (Internet ni yokoso) i do speak some Japanese btw (romaji mainly)Ohh i love myths too like Ragnarok, Greek mythology, acient Egypt religions(i read a bit bout "old gods") and of course "new religions" and i find 'em all amusing(my deepest apology's if my ateist sinner soul has made me type something to hurt somebody or theyr gods, dont worry ill go to hell if there's one ^^)

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InnocentKiller Jul 15, 2014

Hello~ onisan! I chanced upon your account and i really liked it. (And ur cirrent avatar is pretty cool too) I just wanted to say (to a fellow athiest and thus sinner) That i absolutely agree! Im aleways worried im going to offend someone...i have gotten in a pretty heated situation once before(not me tho ;p) with a religous peran...the were upset and i didnt want to repeat it XD...i felt bad...Anyways XD...oops sidetracked. Umm if u ever wat to release ur athiest side or just talk id love to! You seem like a cool persn :) Nice to meet u ;p

wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?

SamBhui Nov 21, 2007

hahah Mul on linnki Galleriaakin :DD

pakko koitaa kattoo tota purkkasta basilikkii loppuu :D<3 

wolfangel87 Oct 24, 2007

Oh yeah, I am all for watching movies (although they take away from my anime time, hahaha)  I LOVE Greek mythology.  I am currently a history/classics major so for the last two and a half years my life has revolved around it!

wolfangel87 Oct 16, 2007

I really like your profile and your avatar!!!!