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My name's Adam, and I'm an Engineer in the United States Navy right now.
I first got into anime back in the summer of '94, and rapidly became an obsessive otaku. My first anime convention was Anime Weekend Atlanta III, although that was only for one day, followed by AWAs 5, 6, and 7; up to the year 2007, when I joined the Navy and stopped going to any and all conventions.
My obsession with anime turned out to be merely a stepping-stone to my overall passion for the country of Japan itself. I took to collecting Japanese language books in a tenacious determination to teach myself nihongo to more of an extent than the everyday stereotypical anime fan, which turned out better than you might expect. I diligently studied the culture, history, and customs of Japan to such a level that I could probably give lessons to others myself.

After joining the Navy, I ended up getting stationed in Sasebo, Japan for my first tour of duty; it's a small port city about a half-hour north of Nagasaki City proper, located in the prefecture of the same name.
Many Japanese were impressed with my already-decent grasp of their language, and equally awed that I had taken the time to learn even the most obscure and reletively-unknown bits of their culture and customs. It all went a long way towards making my time there really wonderful, and even now I still get a little homesick for Japan now that I'm back in the states.

I think I'm more of a casual enthusiast for anime these days, nowhere near as much as I used to be but I'm still interested.
I'll still go to conventions, and still get dressed up in cosplay as my original character 'Onikaze' and dance my Hardcore Kabuki...but that golden time when I was almost evangelizing on the subject of anime to near-strangers and eating my breakfast cereal with chopsticks is long gone into the past and memory.

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Minai99 Jan 28, 2012

Haha, I know I'll probably never get a response, but just for the record, your bio was an interesting read. :)