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I am currently Studying Msc in Software Engineering. I live in the capital of Albania,Tirana.

Interests: Anime,programming,music,books,movies,lurking in anime reviewing and information sites.

Favourite Anime: Cowboy Bebop,Monster,Mushishi,Clannad After Story.

Favourite bands: Jeff Buckley,Muse, Radiohead,Queen,Florence and the Machine,Sia,Hans Zimmer,David Bowie.

Favourite books: Crime and Punishment- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 100 hundred years of solitude-G.G.Marquez, Sputnik Sweetheart-Haruki Murakami, The wind-up bird chronicle-Haruki Murakami,The metamorphosis-Franz Kafka,Perfume-The story of a murderer.

Favourite movies: Everything by Christopher Nolan and where Christian Bale stars: Memento,Inception,The Prestige,The Dark Knight trilogy,American Psycho,The machinist, King's Speech,Amelie,Requiem for a dream,The Pianist,Inside Man,Beautiful Mind,Grave of the Fireflies,etc.

Favourite tv shows: The Big Bang Theory,M.D House, Downton Abbey.

Strong Dislikes: Daniel Steel kind of books and House/Techno/Hip-Hop music.

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