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There Isnt Much To Tell Really...

I watch Anime, I train in Kendo and various Martial Arts, I play Video Games, I study Computers, I Eat, I Sleep... I take pride in my honor.

I despise All green vegetables, I dont read much unless its something that im interested in.

I hate it when guys hurt girls in any shape or form, it dishonors all other guys.

If you want to know more just contact me.

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wolfangel87 Jul 14, 2009

Blah just in the process of trying to find a job which is not going very well.  Hopefully I will have a little more free time because I have not been able to find any time to watch anime

wolfangel87 Jul 14, 2009

I haven't heard from you in a while!  How have you been?

xevilduckiex Feb 7, 2008

Thank you! I'll try and update as often as I can

reijira Dec 7, 2007

That's pretty much all I did at college was collect anime all day XD... OMG I got such a huge collection of anime... I probabably only watch about 5% of the anime I have so far. Then there was a time period I stop watching anime and collecting and just focus on MMORPG... ahh then I came back!

As far as T.V. shows go I like Heroes, Supernatural, Smallville, Battlestar Galactica.

reijira Dec 7, 2007

I feel the same way about anime!!!