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Well, here we go... I'm April. I'm 26 and I live in dusty little corner of Kansas. I have a job but my profession isn't really spectacular enough to share with anyone. I'm not super talented and no one else really thinks I'm as funny as I do, but I'm pretty sure that's the case for most people. I have a cat, a rat and a puppy that pretty much have the same effect on my life as having a newborn baby. I'm gay, and I'm very lucky to have the partner I have. The internet is a luxury, and I can't always afford it... so I try to get in as much new anime/hentai as I can while it's connected. Thanks for reading my bio, and no, you can never get that 2 minutes back. It's mine forever.

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freakzilla says...

I saw your comment @ dsdarkknight's page. Is dropping Fruit Basket a bad thing? :p

Saw the first ep of it and i immediately put it down :s Felt way to hyper, not like a romance comedy at all. Got the same feeling i did from Excel Saga that ep (which i also dropped after 3 eps lol). 

Oct 30, 2007
Coop says...

I live in Kansas City myself. Going to College atm too, so I can understand getting busy in RL. But on a brighter note I did run across a linence plate that had "otaku" on it at school the other day.

Oct 27, 2007
kyuubi777 says...

lol.....i just saw that, and im working on it.......

havent been able to talk lately....:((...........hope i see u on IM soon though!......

Oct 26, 2007
ToiletsAfterHer says...

 heya! :) thanks you..i wouldn't mind keeping the water elephant from cat soup haha..the best pool in town yo. you'd be invited!

as for Nekojiru...nope  i haven't checked it out yet i've added it to my want to watch lala. btw very interesting top 8 (alot i haven't seen..but would love to once i bump heads with it and fall over)

Oct 25, 2007
Coop says...

Wow someone other than myself that is from kansas....what can i say that doesn't happen alot.

 Ya i'm a nerd and had to post that

Oct 22, 2007