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Well, here we go... I'm April. I'm 26 and I live in dusty little corner of Kansas. I have a job but my profession isn't really spectacular enough to share with anyone. I'm not super talented and no one else really thinks I'm as funny as I do, but I'm pretty sure that's the case for most people. I have a cat, a rat and a puppy that pretty much have the same effect on my life as having a newborn baby. I'm gay, and I'm very lucky to have the partner I have. The internet is a luxury, and I can't always afford it... so I try to get in as much new anime/hentai as I can while it's connected. Thanks for reading my bio, and no, you can never get that 2 minutes back. It's mine forever.

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TimBitz avatar TimBitz


Jul 16, 2007

Thanks for going around and commenting random people XD

hahha random: its weird how you have way more "watched anime" than me but i still beat you by 4 days in that counter thingy Xp (yeah that was really random =/ )

anyways you should check out my top 5 anime list...FMA and HxH used to be my favorites until i watched those...so i think you will enjoy them as well XD (and considering most girls love romantic storylines)

kace avatar kace

Thanks! ^_^

Jul 16, 2007

... for the thanks :)

sothis avatar sothis

You Rock!

Jul 16, 2007

Not only do you have good taste in anime but you tirelessly help to make A-P a better place. Thanks!! ^_^

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