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My favourite manga and manhwa (fantasy &/or romance), (not in order) :


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Eliasgirl87 Feb 10, 2017


I just started reading "The Ancient Magus Bride" and I am looking for other manga that are similiar? I'm new to the manga ownership world, even though I've owned my Rurouni Kenshin mangas for years, I've never bought any others until now. : ) 

So as a fantasy, loving fox demon, strange romance kinda girl, I'm looking for other mangas that will purge my needs. I loved Kamisama Kiss and I have started buying those Mangas. I love anything to do with guys saving girls, girls falling in love with demons, foxes, I love Fruits Basket and have also started buying those. 

Anyway, you seem to have similar taste and thought maybe you could tell me about a few a could be reading. : )