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My name is Mel.

I'm old.

I am happily married and female. I enjoy pretending that I can write. I also enjoy writing & reading poetry, doodling digitally with a wacom tablet and pen and spend too much time chasing after the dream of being a photographer when I grow up. Or an artist. Or both.

I do not believe there ought to be a stigma about watching anime. It's story telling. Whether that story telling is in a book, a movie, an anime, or another form of media--all that matters is that we are all still telling stories. 

Some of them may be badly written and cheesy--and I will happily, unflinchingly point that out--but they are still stories. We should never be ashamed of our imagination.

I encourage the use and practice of writing out all words. Leet/Text speak or typing makes me cranky. At my age, I am cranky enough without help. That said, if you have any questions or comments, I don't bite. 

Disclaimer: If I write a review on your favorite anime which you dislike, please understand that that is not a personal attack on you. I would also appreciate not being personally attacked (example: You're stupid. Your face is stupid. You suck and you don't know anything and I bet you're ugly = attacking the reviewer, not the review.)

I personally urge you with all of my being to go ahead and write a positive review in retalliation instead, as well as a recommendation. This website can only grow through our participation. The more reviews, discussion and recommendations out there, the more we can find stories we may have been missing in our lives.


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Sheex Apr 1, 2008

Being that I've been largely...inactive...for the past couple months, doing the rounds and catching up on everybody.  What have you been up to as of late - always interesting chatting with you. =)

Sheex Jan 16, 2008

Yeah, Haibane Renmei was one of only a handful of anime that completely blew me away while watching it.  It didn't sound interesting in the slightest, yet for some reason I picked it up, and was subsequently forced to reinforce my jaw from continually dropping.  Personally, I didn't pay too much attention to the meaning behind all the symbolism, but rather than complete mastery of how it tells its tale with such finesse.  The ending sequence was amazingly touching.

But that reminds me - I should put up info for my liking of my top 5.  I had only done that at Sothis' request when I first joined the site as a reviwer, but I think that'd be a good thing to update. =P

Glad I could be of service!

Sheex Jan 10, 2008

Oh, noticed you're watching Haibane Renmei at the moment - how are you liking it thus far?

Sheex Jan 10, 2008

 Glad you enjoyed the review. =)

As far as recs go, trust me, as one of the people that goes through and mods/edits them, from reading your profile your writing skills are more than sufficient.  Plus, the fact that you like cats is proof in itself of your capability to do so; if it motivates you, you can have mine, who happens to be sleeping on my freshly cleaned towel AGAIN. *angrily goes to get her off*

Sheex Jan 9, 2008

Seirei no Moribito down, and it ended up exceeding my expectations, which is incredibly difficult for most series to do.  Though I wouldn't consider it a favorite, it's damn near close, and most certainly fits within the upper echelon of the anime ranks.

Have you considered writing and submitting recs?  Your comments on Seirei were fantastic, and I think your recs would be as well.