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My name is Mel.

I'm old.

I am happily married and female. I enjoy pretending that I can write. I also enjoy writing & reading poetry, doodling digitally with a wacom tablet and pen and spend too much time chasing after the dream of being a photographer when I grow up. Or an artist. Or both.

I do not believe there ought to be a stigma about watching anime. It's story telling. Whether that story telling is in a book, a movie, an anime, or another form of media--all that matters is that we are all still telling stories. 

Some of them may be badly written and cheesy--and I will happily, unflinchingly point that out--but they are still stories. We should never be ashamed of our imagination.

I encourage the use and practice of writing out all words. Leet/Text speak or typing makes me cranky. At my age, I am cranky enough without help. That said, if you have any questions or comments, I don't bite. 

Disclaimer: If I write a review on your favorite anime which you dislike, please understand that that is not a personal attack on you. I would also appreciate not being personally attacked (example: You're stupid. Your face is stupid. You suck and you don't know anything and I bet you're ugly = attacking the reviewer, not the review.)

I personally urge you with all of my being to go ahead and write a positive review in retalliation instead, as well as a recommendation. This website can only grow through our participation. The more reviews, discussion and recommendations out there, the more we can find stories we may have been missing in our lives.


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staruser Apr 5, 2011

I like ur pic it cute..

anyway tell me what ur fav <3 anime..

Yanagi13 Apr 5, 2011

I completely agree. There were many aspects about it that remained rather tedious, but in my opinion it's well worth a watch. There are so many other worse anime out there, Neuro's just one that surpasses them in terms of entertainment value and character interactions. Your description of it is perfect, and, goes along with the show's themes lol.

staruser Feb 21, 2011

thanks for adding me:)

AnimeShima Dec 4, 2010

I just watched Boy Who Saw the Wind and I also think it's a really good anime though not the best but certainly worth the time. XD

KiraRin Nov 23, 2010

Thank you for your comment on my Gintama review! I have to admit, the first few episodes are more of an introduction and it isn't until you really get into the show that you kind of get to know the characters and the show can be classed as amazing. I really do think you should give it one more shot though and see if you can make it to episode 20!