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Genji monogatari sennenki was an immense, complete, gigantic waste of time.

Cancel that. Let me rephrase--Genji monogatari sennenki is possibly one of the worst anime I have watched in a while. Except for Casshern Sins, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway--

She looks damn good. Her animation is both enchanting and ripe with the classic scenery, bright colors, bold patterns and poetic influences one should expect of a series set in its time period. She's pretty, in that before havin' babies, Britany Spears, one eye doesn't look quite right, but what the hell, it's blonde and it has hips kinda way. Genji monogatari sennenki teases you too, with a brief flash of a well rounded thigh of what appears to be great melodrama and a journey along the road toward what it means to love. Genji monogatari sennenki drapes herself in the elaborate frippery of tradition with a touch of history, all to distract you from one glaring, horrendous detail you don't realize it's there until too late.

Genji monogatari sennenki is a cheap two bit hooker. A fake. She is not what she tries to tell you she is.

This anime's handling of the sexes and romances is just so far out of date for me that it literally made me cringe. "One of the Great Romantic blahblahblahs" be damned--this story does not age well animated and I feel, has probably lost literally everything in this visual translation.

She's a hussy. A streetwalker. A lady of the night. She's on the corner looking to do nasty things to you to score that one last hit. She's not even remotely close to the caliber of an escort, which compared to Genji monogatari sennenki's cheapness seems like high-class livin'.

No, for all of Genji monogatari sennenki finery, it's still a story about a dude with about as much charm as an ingrown, fungus covered toenail, running around the country sexing up all the woman and leaving them behind as he goes about looking for the next.

And the women that fall for this ancient popped-collar-you-know-what aren't any better than he. Heavy-sigh-filled, lip quivering, "I am unable to do anything without a man! I cannot pass gas without one! Men complete me! Oh god, if I do not have a man around me 24-7 I shall collapse into a ball of tears. Also: my life is a barren waste land of nothing until my womb is plundered and I can pop out a baby, my ultimate life goal."

And I made myself watch every episode. As a sort-of punishment for falling for Genji monogatari sennenki's air headed seduction. Call it my forty lashes with a spiked, soaked in lemon juice and salt on the cat-o-nine tails lashes, if you will.

Genji monogatari sennenki is empty, horrific,  over dramatic to the point of such ridiculousness that I laughed until I nearly cried.

If I were a sheltered, thirteen year old virgin without a single lick of sense in my head I might have actually enjoyed this. Since I am neither of these things and require more than sugar coated unicorn farts infested in chocolate coated kisses to exist; this anime didn't do it for me. At all. And I rather doubt it'll do the same for you if you have a lick of sense, either.

Genji monogatari sennenki isn't even one of those anime I'd rate worth wasting time with while you wait for your other favorite anime episodes to be released on C.D.

For the love of little puppies and your favorite baby deity--drop this one like it's hot or Paris Hilton. Go watch something else.

1/10 story
9/10 animation
3/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Assiman Dec 22, 2011

Dude, you do know what Tale of Genji is? Right?This review has to be trollin'

Kaorichaos Dec 17, 2009

This anime is based on the book "The Tale of Genji" that was written in 984 by Murasaki Shikibu who was a honor maid during the heian period of Japan. When she wrote this book she depicted things as she saw them. Back in the time women and men of the higher ranks lives really only revolved around poetry, love, fashion, and whim. The harsh realities meant nothing to them, this anime is more of a testament in my point of view as to how life went on. Perhaps slightly exhagurated, a person of noble birth really didn't have to do anything to get a woman to bed. Not just because of high ranking but the fact that they gave the women many gifts and favors as he says in the anime when he's leaving a one night affiar. "Send her more gifts then usual." It was a way they could ensure their families were taken care of.

I personally found it poetic, and intriging seeing how things were back then. I'll give it to you the ending i found personally disapointing which is why i lowered the rating by a star.

Besides this you never actually stated clearly what you disliked so much just how much you hated it. I found this review vulgar to be honest to the point of insulting the reader saying in essence if they like it they don't have a lick of sense. Sorry but even if i hated this anime with a passion i'd have to say i disagree with your view point. Then again i guess that's all this is in the end, people's view points.

WillMunny Dec 17, 2009

I disagree with your interpretation of the female characters' portrayals. If anything, they are given much more agency and willfulness in this anime than in many others. They enter into relationships with the protagonist with full knowledge that he is an expert but non-monogamous lover, and they do so out of sheer physical desire and to be entertained by his clever conversation/poetry. The women here are under no illusion that he'll be a faithful companion. Instead, they seek simply to enjoy his physical and intellectual gifts in mutually pleasurable encounters, much like many men look to do with women. The females in GMS are free from the tiring conventions of the "give me tru wuv or give me death" stereotype, and can enjoy their sexuality just as another facet, not the totality, of their experience.

And in Hikaru's defense, no matter how many women he sleeps with, he always shows each one tremendous respect and attentiveness. He also appreciates each woman's unique qualities. They are not notches on the bedpost to him, but individual companions with whom he has different experiences.

Props for the hyperbole in your review :-)

OnLittleFeet Dec 8, 2009

@ Valondar,

This particular sap & love fest, with a side of terribly flat characters (or at least, this is what I think) simply wasn't to my taste at all. I really found that the series was pretty to look at without a single bit of substance. Perhaps the animation has bungled what the novel did right.

Thanks very much for the comment and compliment on the review!

valondar Dec 7, 2009

I'd just like to say, fantastically funny review. I wish I could write like that.

I tried to follow this series (out of fondnes for the novel) and I wound up stalling it because I couldn't get the rest of the episodes. Now I scarcely think I should.