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Dec 5, 2009

Ah, Baccano!

This is a series which becomes an eclectic mix of good, bad, confusing, amazing and delightful all at once and somehow leaves you feeling somewhat satisfied after finishing...For reasons you don't quite understand.

Baccano's story line is semi-complex; writing several characters which appear to have nothing to do with one another into a singular plot is no small feat. The cast of people in Baccano! aren't generally the kind that would normally spend time with one another--either by choice or by the distances which happen between people over time, yet the story does weave them all back together in a believable blanket of intrigue.

Baccano! enjoys the age old ploy of tossing us in the middle of utter chaos and leaving little bread-crumb snippets of the past which explain and lead up to the current mess we're trying to figure out. Flashbacks and character recollections are often the tool used to explain what is currently going on and why. I must admit, while that can be a great way to tell the story, Baccano! appears to falter under the weight of its own ambitious story half way through and somewhat limps (but still, surprisingly, watchable) to the end.

Baccano's story leaves a few stories laying along the side of the road with little explanation as to why, perhaps realizing that it was too much of an endeavor to continue with so many side plots--and focuses instead on the main.

The main plot, however, doesn't entirely make complete sense either; yet, it's just complicated enough and unique enough to have kept me watching and will no doubt satisfy those who like their anime to make them think.

The animation style itself flutters between stylized to pleasantly detailed, using bright, flat colors and simplistic textures or patterns to suffice. The characters are unique enough to become memorable by sight as well as quirks/habits alone.

Character development is also done well enough to merit my continued watching, though some of them are so cliché that if it were not for the setting they wouldn't leave much of an impression at all. Thankfully, the setting is different enough to make blasé moments easily forgettable. 

The music--ahhhh, now, here's where I was hooked! The music and opening for Baccano! is  in my opinion, the best part of the entire show and the music quality is consistent throughout the entirety.

Baccano! is a little dark in some places, but nothing that I would not expect a well rounded individual could handle. I wouldn't recommend the series to anyone under thirteen basically, if that helps at all.

In its entirety, Baccano! was akin to a great party in an old dive. The walls are a little cracked, the chairs are a bit stained and maybe the paint could use another coat or two--but the decorations and cake are fancy enough that you can overlook the flaws and have a great time with everyone else.

Definitely recommend it for a rainy afternoon or filler between waiting for a favorite series release.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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