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Eden of the East Movie II: Paradise Lost as a movie delivers the fan service and characters we've come to know and love via the series and first movie.

It's another excellent, "Here are your favorite characters doing what they do best! Oh, those wacky shenanigans :D" --without revealing anything useful as to why they are doing what they are doing. Still. Again. For the third time.


The ORIGINAL SERIES tantalizes us with snippets of brief, delicious story, much like the well-rounded thigh peeking through a smokin' hot dress. There are elements of danger! Romance! Silliness! Danger! More Romance and a very decent mysterious plot that leaves you wanting to know more.

And then they leave the series in a cliff hanger and ask you to watch the movies. Alright, you think. I can do that. This is really good. Surely in two movies they can finally explain everything, close up some loop holes, tighten the plot and entertain me!

And they do.

Entertain you, that is.

As for the story in this movie? (And the last, too) It's as if they have forgotten what has gone on in the first series. The note of danger has long gone. In fact? Danger got kinda bored with strung-along plots without any explanaition. It kinda started yawning in the face of lack-of-consequences for character actions. Now it's on vacation somewhere with some other animation, leaving Eden of the East II: Paradise Lost flapping out the window, showing it's bare, boring bum.

It doesn't make sense. The motivation and very real sense of there being some dire need pushing each character has gone the way of the dodo bird. AKA: extinct. Gone. It is not pinin' for any fjords. It is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired to meet its maker, danger and plot sense has gone stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace and if they hadn't nailed the same characters from the original series and movie to the perch of this movie? It would be pushing up daisies.

The plot, reason for characters to do what they do--the story? It has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.

This is an ex-story. It is dead.**


 On the bright side, the animation is absolutely stunning! Don't let the simple character facial animations and 'everybody wears the same clothes all year,' syndrome get you down! The expressions and movement along with the backgrounds and settings are visually amazeface.

I seriously have artists envy recalling some of the scenes. I was all, "omg! How they paint that so [email protected]!"


They K.I.S.S the sound in this animation. (Keep It Simple Stupid.) You have a neat, jingly opening theme and your mood music throughout the animation and then wham bam, thank you ma'am--ending. There's not much for me to further note. It fits splendidly with what they need it to do but isn't terribly memorable past...Well..It's been probably 30 minutes since I watched it? I couldn't tell you how any of the music goes.

Characters:The characters are where this shone. If it were not for the fact Saki and our beloved Air King were in this movie, I wouldn't have bothered torturing myself with massive plot holes that made me throw my hands at the screen to startle my husband out of waking with--"WRRRY? WRRY THAT HAPPEN? WHAT IS GOING ON? WHY DID THEY SAY THAT? WHAT--NO! NO, DON'T DO THAT...OH MY GOD WHAAAAAAT?"

I love the characters. They are well rounded, quirky and brought together with a flair for subtle comedy and the same expert handling they were melded together in the original series.

And yet they some how screw this up by obviously doling out a certain romantic aspect to keep wibbling romantics at heart (What? Stop staring at me. LOOK I LOVE, LOVE, OKAY?) watching. The ending is almost neener-neener spiteful in not concluding in a natural way that it should. It is cliche in its handling of a relationship, where the man gets to be the happy-go-lucky jackass and the woman has to stand at the window looking misty eyed and pretty, while breathily whispering, "I'll wait for you, put my whole life on hold like the giant idiot I am, for uuuuuuuuuuuuu ILU OMG~~~~"

The characters were fantastic. Their development and actions in this movie? Pencil-in-your-eye-stab worthy.


 I gave it an 7.5 because a.) I loved the series and the fact that they are, at least, trying to squeeze every last penny out of it by roping a die hard fan like myself back in with flimsy plot and--"Oh hey, things MIGHT happen! Mwuahahahahahahah!"

But they don't.

And also because it is amazing, visually, and if you can stop flailing about like a muppet being tazered due to obvious gaping plot hole being obvious, it is still an enjoyable way to waste time. The characters are fun, the story is different, and by god--compared to what's being crammed down our throats lately, entertainment wise, it sure as heck deserves the honorable mentions of an 7.5.

I do recommend you watch the series, the other movie, and this.

And not just so your eye can twitch like mine every time nothing gets explained right.

**Credit to a Monty Python sketch about a dead parrot. It fit when describing what they did to the story and plot, okay?

6/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Iro Jan 29, 2012

Good review, and I agree with your comments, the plotholes are what sunk this ship for me too. Though Im surprised you still gave it a 7.5 though, i would of rated it much lower.

AshlieYagami Nov 6, 2011

I totally agree with you here. As much as I LOVED the series, the ending left me in AWE like "WHAT THE FUU is going on here" So like whate everyone did, they watched the movie, and where did this get me. Nowhere XD haha. I have only watched the first movie so far and I am currently starting the 2nd one, hopefully it explains a bit more. I know they do explain the ring part and such in the first movie so I was like k cool. But after I was like well this is kind of pointless. Why didnt they just make the series LONGER, instead of adding two movies. Anywho like you said, the characters and the lovey doveyness between Takizawa and Saki is what drawed me in the most about this Anime. But I LOVE the series, I mean I just love it. I love the story and everything. But the ending left me confused as hell and I am still confused (perhaps more than before) hehe. Anyway nice review! Thought id comment. Going to watch the 2nd movie now. Hopefully it turns out better. But in the end I LOVE EDEN OF THE EAST ^-^b no matter what.