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P.A.A.S. Blog

P.A.A.S. is a blog I'm running with Sunagan, my girlfriend (whom I met through A-P, fun fact). We're currently too busy to keep the blog up-to-date, but we're keeping it in case we're feeling like continuing it at a later date. My little description:

Do you know that state of bafflement and emptiness after finishing something amazing? That's what P.A.A.S. blog, or Post Awesome Anime Syndrome is all about. Sunagan is the main writer of this blog, posting about her thoughts on anime-related matters and P.A.A.S.-moments. I'll occasionally be posting blogs here as well, namely for VN Reviews. Click that link, give it a read and don't forget to comment!

My favorite and hated genres

The reason I haven't filled out my Fav / Least fav genres, is because I don't really have an "all-time favorite" genre, and there are always exceptions to Least Favorite Genres.

If I had to say, my favorite "genre" would probably be mindf*ck series, but that's not recognized as a genre here. I'll just list my general favorites / least favorites here, but by no means do I limit myself into watching these genres.

Favorites: Mindf*ck, Psychological, Comedy, Random, Drama, Romance

Least Favorite: Harem, although there's a fine line here. I really can't go listing harem as Least Favorite Genre, with Clannad so high in my top list, and while usually liking Kanon2006, Air and alike. The sort of harem I dislike are the Love Hina / Rosario to Vampire Capu2 sort of harems. The ones where the male lead and one of the girls have a crush on each other and thus go superakward / hostile against each other (...), not to mention ZERO plot progression, or such a boring plot you forget about it halfway in.

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Sunagan Sep 16, 2010

hehe, ik slik nu zodanig veel ibuprofen en paracetamol dat de koorts ook niet echt veel kans krijgt om door te breken xD. Mijn stem is nu in ieder geval volledig naar de kloten, maar met mn eerste ibuprofennetje in mn maag begin ik me nu wel weer wat beter te voelen dan toen ik vanochtend wakker werd :P.

Maar ik ga naar midwoud morgen, al moet ik mezelf erheen slepen, kan me niet schelen maar ik ga xD! So brace yourself want ik reken er uiteraard op echt schandelijk vertroeteld te worden :P haha.

Fijne dag nog, and I'm off to my first wedding :D! Xxx!

Sunagan Sep 15, 2010

vet cool. de 10 euro die ik per uur verdien is netto, niet bruto :D. Hoera! Mis je :) Xx

Yiju Sep 7, 2010

That's really nice of you, I appreciate it.

I'm not sure if I have any questions yet but I'll be sure to remember you if I do. xD

Sunagan Sep 5, 2010

ja, t concert zelf ging best goed maar we zaten in een rotzaal xD. Gelukkig is de akoestiek in de Hoorn kerk ok :P.

Raad eens waar ik vandaag de hele dag geweest ben xD? Linaeushof (of hoe je het ook schrijft). Met mn nichtje van de glijbaan af (natuurlijk), op de wip, op de bootjes, karten, in de monorail :D. Kortom kapot...

Spreek je i.i.g morgen ;)! Kan ik ook eindelijk mijn brotherhood marathon weer hervatten!

Sunagan Sep 4, 2010

Aaaargh en na nog heel even naar wat theme music van Rurouni Kenshin geluisterd te hebben realiseer ik me weer helemaal ten volle hoe fucking awesome de serie is (of i.i.g. 28-62).

Echt on a sacred level :D