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about me

What to write in a bio... I've never been able to do this properly.

I'm a IT college student from the Netherlands, studying on the HvA in Amsterdam, who spends too much of his free time watching anime, browsing A-P and playing instruments. I'm a bum by nature, although I've been trying to become a bit more active lately (or rather, I have to if I want to reach my goals :P)

A little bit about myself. I love lots of things: Music, playing guitar / bassguitar / piano (/singinglulz) on my amateur level, sports, the human mind, philosophy, art, literature, movies, series, anime, manga, basically every medium to tell stories, sweet things, salt things, bitter things (especially in the form of cholocate), kiwi's, mangos, curry (the last two being an exceptional combination), sushi, pancakes, pizza and the zillion other things I could mention here.

Music is my biggest obsession though. I listen to almost every genre, from Metal to Indie / Altrock to Classical, there's a genre for every mood, DeathCore & friends being the exception, in which case I don't even hate the music itself, but the grunting T_T


P.A.A.S. Blog

P.A.A.S. is a blog I'm running with Sunagan, my girlfriend (whom I met through A-P, fun fact). We're currently too busy to keep the blog up-to-date, but we're keeping it in case we're feeling like continuing it at a later date. My little description:

Do you know that state of bafflement and emptiness after finishing something amazing? That's what P.A.A.S. blog, or Post Awesome Anime Syndrome is all about. Sunagan is the main writer of this blog, posting about her thoughts on anime-related matters and P.A.A.S.-moments. I'll occasionally be posting blogs here as well, namely for VN Reviews. Click that link, give it a read and don't forget to comment!



My favorite and hated genres

The reason I haven't filled out my Fav / Least fav genres, is because I don't really have an "all-time favorite" genre, and there are always exceptions to Least Favorite Genres.

If I had to say, my favorite "genre" would probably be mindf*ck series, but that's not recognized as a genre here. I'll just list my general favorites / least favorites here, but by no means do I limit myself into watching these genres.

Favorites: Mindf*ck, Psychological, Comedy, Random, Drama, Romance

Least Favorite: Harem, although there's a fine line here. I really can't go listing harem as Least Favorite Genre, with Clannad so high in my top list, and while usually liking Kanon2006, Air and alike. The sort of harem I dislike are the Love Hina / Rosario to Vampire Capu2 sort of harems. The ones where the male lead and one of the girls have a crush on each other and thus go superakward / hostile against each other (...), not to mention ZERO plot progression, or such a boring plot you forget about it halfway in.


How I use my ratings

  • 5 stars - Masterpieces. Series that are just-that-good and have a special place in my heart. They've all, without fail, affected me in one way or another while watching them.
  • 4.5 stars - Pretty damn close to 5 stars, brilliant anime, but didn't affect me as much as the 5 stars have. These also all hold a special place in my heart.
  • 4 stars - Something I greatly enjoyed while watching. At the very least, this anime has one side it excels in and gave me exactly what I wanted from the series, or pleasantly surprised me.
  • 3.5 stars - The good-but-not-great grade. These series probably gave me what I was looking for, and I really did enjoy watching them, but didn't present me with much out of the ordinary.
  • 3 stars - The borderline of things I honostly enjoyed. These anime had their enjoyable moments, but also things that ticked me off.
  • 2.5 stars - Probably had more things I disliked than things I liked. It's not unwatchable, and will probably pass as slightly above average on some people's watches, but not on mine.
  • 2 stars - Barely watchable, and definitely not good, or even average.
  • 0.5 - 1.5 stars - Stay away, as far as possible. Only buy these shows for ritual burning. Either that, or something that's just so far away from my preferences I had to hold back from scratching my eyes out while watching this.


Latest anime I'd recommend

  • Daughter of Twenty Faces - This is just one of these shows that is good at everything it tries to do. There's a gripping storyline, good development and a new character on my list of "favorite female leads", Chizuko. The show starts out looking like a "band of thiefs stealing shinies" anime, and a good one at that, but ends up being so much more, with underlying plots unfolding themselfs as the show goes on.
  • The Twelve Kingdoms - A must-watch for everyone into Fantasy series with political themes and world-altering events (epics). Basically, Twelve Kingdoms is how I hope every fantasy anime I start to be. It has a complex fantasy world, characters that change believably over the course of the show, epic moments, interesting moments and the show is just written really well. Looking for a new 40-60 episode show to go through, don't hesitate, this is the one to pick!

Rare manga recommendation:

  • Hitsuji no Uta - Although there's also a very good (and short) anime adaption of this, I'm reccing the original over the short 1h45 OVA it produced. It's a dark story about living without hope, putting up with it and isolating yourself from those close to you to keep them unharmed. An absolute must for fans of calm-paced, dark character-driven stories.

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Sunagan avatar Sunagan


Aug 30, 2010

dus, dit was mijn vliegende start met brotherhood ^_^! (heb met simon 10 afl per dag afgesproken, want meer dan dat kan hij klaarblijkelijk niet aan xD).


01010011 avatar 01010011


Aug 28, 2010

Thank you! ^^

Sunagan avatar Sunagan


Aug 28, 2010

Oh wow, Honey and Clover 2 was best heel goed! toch jammer dat er van de 5 hoofdpersonen geen koppeltjes zijn gekomen :P. Ben nu trouwens begonnen aan Minami-ke en het is best heel enjoyable! 10x beter dan azumanga :P ik weet het niet maar dit is gewoon wél grappig.

Concert ging goed trouwens ^_^! Hoe ga jij met je anime marathon?

xBovvie avatar xBovvie


Aug 20, 2010

Hmm, ik dacht dat Honey & Clover juist om het romantische ging. =p Maar, ik heb Black Lagoon voor de helft gezien geloof ik. Ja, daar ben ik erg goed in, dingen voor de helft kijken bedoel ik.. ¬¬ Maar ik ben wel van plan ze allemaal af te kijken, dus ook Black Lagoon en misschien kan ik dan ook wel aan Cowboy Bebop beginnen. ^^

2 weken nog vrij? Ik moet de 30e alweer beginnen. ¬¬ Maarja, je hebt vanaf morge wel het rijk helemaal alleen. =p Al hoop ik dat we wel mooi weer hebben in Monster... ¬¬

Ja, ik ben dus gister in slaap gevallen terwijl m'n laptop nog aanstond... En vanochtend moest ik hem dus uitzetten. x3 Om 9u ben ik alweer naar een fotografie workshop geweest. In Emmeloord. =p We gingen op de motor, m'n moeder en ik, maar ze rijdt zo freaking eng! o-o Vooral als er zoveel wind staat, zoals over de afsluitdijk... Maar ik heb het overleefd. =p

xBovvie avatar xBovvie


Aug 19, 2010

Yay, m'n laptop doet het weer, mini laptop dan. M'n vader bedacht zich ineens over de wonderen van een reset knop. =p

Ik zal de downloads even bekijken. ^^

Hmm, ik heb ooit eens de eerste aflevering van Honey & Clover gekeken maar ben toen niet verder gegaan... Cowboy Bebop heb ik wel veel over gehoord, veel goeds ook.

Suc6 nog met de marathon al zijn jullie waarschijnlijk al klaar. =p Ik heb vandaag 0 tijd gehad voor anime oid, heb namelijk 16u gewerkt vandaag... wat opzich best vermoeiend is. =p

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