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Puppet Princess

16 NOV

Is gore-comedy a genre? If so, then Puppet Princess deserves to be in it, for this show has a lot of both! The short 40 minute OVA alternates bloody decapitations and eviscerations with ecchi jokes and eyebrows that will make the upper-eye entities from the FLCL cop seem like midgets.

The plot has quite a lot of potential. More than anything, Puppet Princess feels like a solid introduction episode that will leave you wanting for more. The rather obvious downside to this is that there isn’t any. It concludes fairly nicely, but also builds up for a future story that was never made. But since bitching about plot holes for something this short and ridiculous is like complaining to a fast-food chain that their burgers are lacking finesse, take my critique with a pinch of salt. I don’t think that the average person who is looking for something short and gory will be expecting a complex plot in the first place. All in all, a funny, gory and action-filled 40 minutes.

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