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For those expecting a soft-ecchi Sailor Moon parody, here’s a little warning for you: there will be vibrators, and foot fetishists, and ignitable breast milk, even a bit of bestiality towards the ending. Granted, it’s not a hentai OVA, but it gets close more than once.

Normally, a huge amount of ridiculous ecchi makes for a good so-called “funnybad” show. This wasn’t -as much- the case as I hoped it to be with Papillon Rose. While it certainly wasn’t boring, it wasn’t exactly hilarious for its badness either, but rather somewhere in between uninteresting and facepalming bad, a mostly unpleasant experience. For those looking for something borderline hentai and completely ridiculous, don’t let this stop you from watching it, it’s very short after all, but there are “better” (if you get what I mean) terrible shows out there.

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2/10 overall
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KiraRin Nov 18, 2009

I did warn you :D