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Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek

30 OCT

This 20min. short movie delivered exactly what I hoped it would, a soft horror story.

Kakurenbo is about a group of kids who decided to play an ancient version of the Hide & Seek game, one involving hiding from demons. After they arrived at the “so called” Demon City, in which the game is to be played, they find out that there's a lot more to their joke than they thought there was.

All in all, Kakurenbo is a tame, non scary “horror” short movie, which still manages to give you that Halloween feeling and even has quite a creepy ending. It isn’t exceptionally exciting, but short enough to keep your attention. Fans of gore and thrill shouldn’t bother, but for those of you who want to experience Halloween vibes without the actual scare, this is something for you!

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SimplyDoomed avatar SimplyDoomed
Oct 31, 2009

Watching this movie on Halloween at 10:30 at night with my 9 year old brother was awesome, and it definetely gave him the chills! (Surprisingly more than Higurashi's Meakashi-hen, which I'd just finished showing him xD)

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