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This mini-review is based on the first 9 volumes of the Ga-Rei manga.

With an (I can only asume) high-budget and awesome in nearly all aspects of awesomeness anime-prologue like that, surely the manga has to be something else, right? Wrong, well, it IS something else, but not in the good way.

The first thing that bugged me, was that Kagura's personality is almost completely different from the anime. She has the typical archtype Comedy / Action personality. Yes, that's right, Ga-Rei is an Action / Comedy, with a wee bit of Romance / Drama thrown in, your typical ongoing Shounen manga.

If you can get over the change from Action / Drama to Shounen, Ga-Rei does turn into something readable. It has some good points and moments, but never really escapes the realm of "barely average" manga's. Every time I got my hopes up after something interesting / awesome happened, they almost always quickly killed it by throwing in something cliche (*cough* Vol 8, Page 8 *cough*).

Lastly, the drawings weren't something to write home about. It wasn't done badly, but I certainly was expecting better, for example: the use of shades is nearly non-existant.

Overall: Ga-Rei has a decent storyline, and Ga-Rei -Zero- fans will enjoy seeing most mysteries it had being explained, often in a great way. However, everything else barely passed the average-grade. The only thing that kept me reading were the occasionally strong moments and the determination I had to finish it when I just started reading.

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User Review Scores

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  • Overall 6/10


Nekoyaro avatar Nekoyaro
Oct 2, 2010

This will certainly be helpful on giving this one a place in the queue while other mangas are waiting to be read. Thanks

Zerocrossings avatar Zerocrossings
Jan 1, 2010

Good review. It really cant compare to Ga Rei Zero, it was quite a dissapointment when i first read it.

I would have scored it lower though. :P

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