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Ga-Rei -Zero-

Oct 9, 2009

This anime really grew to me a few weeks after I finished it. Don't get me wrong, I loved it while watching this series, but this is one of those rare cases that got better over time.

It's best described as a Drama / Action / Supernatural anime. It starts with great action (the first episode was what I hoped Canaan would be, awesome fast-paced action) and works hard on the character-development once you're a few episodes in. But really, with an OP like this, I was already sold at the very beginning:

Check out the full version as well, I think it's even better.

This is the prologue to the Ga-Rei manga, and gave me all the motivation I could ask for to start reading it. Don't be expecting a masterpiece, Ga-Rei -Zero- isn't flawless, but fans of good character development, action and drama shouldn't miss out on this beauty.


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8/10 overall
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LinkSword Aug 24, 2010

I give Ga Rei Zero the same score as you do ^^ It really is a great anime, probably the best I've watched this summer, only second to NHK ni Youkoso!

There is a certain fight which had an AWESOME theme as background music. Since it's a spoiler I won't say which fight, but now I remembered it I'm going to look for the song right away =P

Fireaxe Oct 10, 2009

Pretty good review. As you pointed out, anyone that is mildly interested in watching that show should watch the OP first. It really is kind of like a condensed version of everything that goes on in this series.

The only thing I will add is that Ga-Rei Zero CAN be flawless to some people. ;)

Personally, was my favourite series of 2008.