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Looking back at this anime, it was really good, and I can see why it's getting all its praise, the last of the four episodes was beautiful and touching and is something you'll remember. However, the other three episodes weren't up to that level. Maybe it is because I couldn't really relate that well with most of the characters (with the whole Feudal Japan culture), but the first three episodes felt like an, even though executed well, steriotypical feudal Japan action story. Towards the ending it makes a change towards drama, and the shift is done very smoothly. It was only from this point onwards that I really started to love this OVA.

If I had to rate the different parts of this show, the first three episodes were at a 7/10, and the final episode at a solid 9/10. It's definitely worth the watch, it's something I'd recommend to anyone, but don't go in like me, expecting to be amazed from the beginning.

As a last note: this OVA is fully watchable without having seen the other Kenshin series. As far as I've understood, this is a prologue to the original.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Sunagan Oct 19, 2009

AAAAAAAAAH je hebt alleen Tsuiokuhen gezien :D??? Gaat voort en laat het licht van de anime rurouni kenshin uw netvliezen raken (A) Al moet ik waarschuwen dat je in geen geval voorbij 63 moet kijken en dat de anime pas echt goed wordt rond de 20... Maar 20 t/m 63 is fantastisch! xD Dat kijkt dan alleen tsuiokuhen... schande... 

(Tsja, rurouni-kenshin-gek speaking here ;) )