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Midori Days

Oct 9, 2009

This show gave off a huge "mediocre" feeling. I've been thinking on what to say about it, but there's just not that much to talk about. Almost everything about it has been seen a thousand times before, in most cases better.

Basically, the show is about a girl who suddenly became the right hand of the guy she has had a crush on for years... Hold it right there, keep that feeling, because thats where the originality ends. The show consists of scene's with the super-violent sister picking on the guy, lots of ecchi scene's, all of which were mediocre at best and lots of shallow humor.

Still, the show wasn't terrible, I've seen a lot worse. It's just not something I'd recommend to anyone, seeing there are so many, much better alternatives.

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5/10 overall
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Tolle Oct 29, 2012

Just to get some discussion in here: I disagree with the both of you :)Funny thing is, I've had this show lying around since forever, and I kept postponing it, because the whole idea of the right hand thing seemed so wrong. Perhaps, with this slightly negative starting point, I was pleasantly surprised, when the whole "right-hand-girl" thing turned out to work just fine.I can agree that I at two given times had to do some face-palming, but apart from that, I was satisfied. This doesn't necessarily mean I saw something that you didn't, but maybe I'm just easier to please.But hey, I gotta say: when watching romance anime, it's really freakin' hard to find something original after having watched a few. I'm aware of this when watching romance, which means I can appreciate all the small stuff more -- which is probably why I liked this show so much more than you guys did :)So I say - if you're thinking this weird construction of an anime seems interesting, give it a shot. I liked the ending, as well as almost everything leading up to it.

ispaceout Jan 2, 2011

I concur. I wasnt overly impressed with the anime either. Yes there were a few times the anime made me laugh, but there where much more disappointments than there were satisfaction. Also I did not approve the ending. After seeing the ending it made me feel as if i wasted my precious 6 hours i could have been using by watching a better anime