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Can a show go from reasonably funny to complete and utter garbage just because of the way it’s animated? Dokuro-chan proved to me it can. From blood-fountains looking like something a 12 year old with “Flash for Dummies” came up with, to spastics looking at you with a face saying “Look at how funny my pain is, laugh, LAUGH!”, this show continually managed to screw up potentially hilarious moments into something completely unfunny. In short: for someone like me, who grew up with dumpholes like Newgrounds being popular among elementary scholar though boys , Dokuro-chan looked like a high-budget version of those god-awful monstrosities spawning from the depth of flash-animation hell.

Let’s go through the summary. Dokuro-chan is an oblivious girl (angel) who, out of the blue, decided to move in with our hero of the story: Sakura, a premise proven successful repeatedly by shows like Ah! My Goddess and Chobits. However, life is cruel for Sakura, instead of having acquired a personal maid or dutch wife with AI, his lottery ticket awarded him a bludgeon-swinging angel! But wait, if that wasn’t enough to make you burst out in laughter, there´s more! Every time our unfortunate hero  gets “accidently” bludgeoned, resulting in an always successful spray of ketchup, Dokuro revives him with her catchy (read: awfully reparative) “Piru Piru” song. That, along with some sexual jokes and eventually a second oblivious rival-angel, is literally all there is to it. The bludgeoning continues through the episodes, each one having a classic theme as seen in many other shows. We have the “girl transfers to guys’ school, much to his dismal” episode, the “path-of-courage” episode (I never quite understood this. Since it’s a recurring theme in anime, I began to wonder, do they actually do this for the “boy-protecting-girl” idea in Japan?), they even threw in the “highly successful” curry-episode, as seen in Rosario to Vampire, which was considered one of the stronger episodes in that series… right? From crudely drawn curry-monsters to whole episodes dedicated to poo jokes, this anime has it all. If it wasn’t for its short 8 episode duration, I wouldn’t have made it out alive; those razorblades began to look like an appealing alternative around episode 6, because just like emo-jokes, this show got old really fast.

Aside from the earlier mentioned blood sprays and spastic faces, the animation in Dokuro-chan was just a little below average, not bad enough to become funny, not good enough to improve the show. The standard anime character-looks are used, again adding nothing but a faint attempt on parody to the show. However, because the sprays and spastics managed to screw up the little bit the show had, it gets a low animation-rating from me.

Sound wise it’s quite horrible. The earlier mentioned “Piru Piru” song is also used as OP. I know they’re making it this repetitive on purpose, mocking all those equally dull-sounding anime songs, but they could’ve made it funny instead of equally boring, that’s not parodying, that’s reproducing the same old thing. I wasn’t exactly charmed by the voice actors, but they were passable.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why some people like this show. I also understand why some people find it enjoyable to kick dogs, or find yellow showers the kinkiest among plays, that doesn’t mean I sympathize with them in any form or way. You might be thinking: “Silly Omurqi, you just didn’t get it! Dokuro-chan is probably too random for your liking,” and you’d be right. I’ll make sure to stick to serious, intellectual titles like Puni Puni Poemy and FLCL, which I both enjoyed, from now on.

4/10 story
2.5/10 animation
2/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
2/10 overall

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SwordAcolyte Oct 3, 2013

This show looks stupid, I hate senseless violence.

Sunagan Jan 5, 2010

The strongest point about your reviews is your great humor. It always makes for a hell of a laugh ^_^! Keep up the good work!

Doommuks Oct 28, 2009

you know..... maby its the weather maby i just read way to much rewiues today but i didnt read you rewiew...  too long...but there is one thing that i cant just let by.......  you gave it a 2? A FRICKING 2????what the hell is wrong with you people, this was an exelent anime, funny, kinda wierd, but ppl, please, stop raiting great anime with low marks... AND STOP SAYING: "I gave it a bad mark becouse its a comedy that only kids could find funny"you know what, look at a mirror... now the person you see is probably the only one that CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINION..... god, stop rating if you dont like it.(and i can see that you rated DearS with 2.... i think i will add a comment on that one)

KiraRin Oct 7, 2009

See! Ranting is fun! You do also realise I will now have to watch this...