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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu


I've got mixed feelings about this...

First and foremost, this anime is one big, predictable cliche, and does no attempt whatsoever to be even a bit original.

However, this really worked for me for the first 2/3 of the show. I was constantly facepalming myself with a huge feeling of "oh no they di'n't" while they went from the "innocent perfect girl with one big otaku secret" to the "teasing loli sister" to the "silent and stoic head-maid" characters.

The last 1/3 was painful to watch though. While the entire show didn't try to be anything but a shallow, lighthearted, cliche'ed romance, they tried to go the drama-route for the last few episodes, and it really didn't work. I was still covering my face with my palm for 90% of the episodes, but this time with a feeling of "oh god why" instead of being able to laugh about it.

Giving this show a 6/10 because the first 2/3 really was entertaining for me, in its own, weird way.

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