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Sleeping with Hinako

Feb 19, 2010

All the panties and cleavage Training with Hinako had to offer, but without the exciting exercise. Sleeping with Hinako pushes to borders of boredom to a whole new level, with over 25 minutes of repeated scenes of Hinako sleeping. Not pumped up yet? Neither am I.

 The 50 minutes trainwreck of drowsiness starts out reasonably exhilarating (compared to the rest of the OVA), with Hinako speaking to the viewer in her cutesy way as she tries to catch sleep. From that moment on, brace yourself, you’re looking forward towards a 25 minute scene with nothing but panty-, cleavage- and other sexy shots of Hinako as she sleeps.  After this thrilling ride, the remaining duration is filled with Hinako waking up and catching sleep again time after time, slipping in tips for a healthy sleep, which don’t surpasses commonly known facts as: “Don’t take midnight snacks” and… No wait, that was it.

There isn’t a single person out there to who I’d recommend this. Sure, I can see that this OVA tries to tackle another problem many anime fans face, just like the first one did fairly successfully. Sadly, dear viewer, I can assure you that falling asleep facing a monitor is about the worst thing you can do to your nights’ rest. Concerning my rating, I fear I might’ve grossly overrated this outrageously bad show. To its defense however, the graphics were fairly pleasing. Watching Hinako sleep was, while being pretty creepy, also fairly cute. Nevertheless, skip this. Even for the most hardcore moe-and-ecchi enthusiasts, this OVA is 50 minutes of your life wasted.

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1.5/10 overall
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Anathemus Apr 3, 2010

50 Minutes? lol!

abumaia Mar 31, 2010

I bet she glued those things in or something, there ain't no other way ^_^

Sunagan Feb 19, 2010

I'm all pumped up now (H). Definately going to watch this.