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A mix of drama, romance and incest, all within a short 45 minutes. Being as short as this, a touchy theme like this has little time to develop tastefully, which is my main problem with Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru, lack of taste.

The anime tells the story of Yori, a high-school boy with feelings for his sister. As you’d expect from a forbidden-love show that tries to take itself seriously, feelings of guilt and anxiety fill the main character and he tries to find ways to drift away from her. As much as I like this format if it’s done well (like the case in Koi Kaze), it just felt incredibly rushed and reaching in the realms of melodrama in this short adaption of a 10-volume manga series. In the short duration of 45 minutes, the main character goes from self-hatred (which he takes out on his sister) to acceptance, has sex twice (and attempts a third time, horribly) and lacks tact more than a few times.

Despite all this loathing towards the OVA, it’s hardly unwatchable if you don’t have too much of a bias against incest and stupidity. The drama, while not being good by any means, isn’t really bad either, the main character does show care for those around him, and the ending is more-or-less satisfying. It’s hardly something I’d recommend to people (even to fans of forbidden-love shows), but if you were planning to watch it anyway, granted you lower your sense of morality a bit while watching this, don’t let it stop you from doing so.

Oh, and the ending song is the most horribly out-of-place song I’ve heard in a long time. Imagine a quiet, “let-it-sink-in” type of ending, and then press play on the video below.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
5/10 overall

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unitzero Oct 17, 2010

The thing I find the most distrubing about this is the fact that they share a bedroom at 15. That IMO is just weird.

Sunagan Feb 6, 2010

tja wat zal ik zeggen. het was inderdaad niet echt denderend. Hoewel er enkele momenten inzaten die matig ontroerend waren en de muziek ook niet al te slecht was, was het over het algemeen erg kort door de bocht. dat kan je ook wel verwachten als mensen besluiten iets van 10 volumes te comprimeren in een ova van 50 minuten. Heb de manga verder niet gelezen.

wel een interessant thema. op naar koi kaze ^_^