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Aoi Bungaku Series

18 JAN

Aoi Bungaku, or Blue Literature, is a compilation consisting of 6 short adaptions of classic Japanese literature. Every story is different in its own right, but there definitely is a recurring theme in each of these stories: dark tales, or horror if you must. Most of the adaptions do require a bit of thinking. While there’s nothing nearly incomprehensible like in some mindf*ck series, most stories do have their own meaning.

Production value wise, this show is gorgeous. At this point in time, you won’t get much better graphics than this from TV productions (OVA’s and movies are another story). They use a wide scale of different art styles, giving each story a unique touch. The sound was good; most of the OST did a good job at producing a certain mood for the appropriate scene. The majority of the music isn’t something I’d play stand-alone though.

Don’t be expecting simple entertainment value from this show as seen in so many other shows recently, they do aim for a more mature audience. While it might not be for everyone, I would especially urge you to pick it up if you’re a fan of short stories and love to see a wide variety of different art styles. In my opinion, Aoi Bungaku easily ranks amongst the top anime from the year 2009.

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