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VN Review: True Remembrance

15 FEB

Many people, up until a year ago myself included, skip over the medium of Visual Novels because of the general image people have of it: H-Games, E... read more

Striving to become a better writer

31 JAN

I’ve been making user reviews for a little while now, and I’m planning to keep doing so. Not just aimlessly and without a goal though. I... read more

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Winter 2010, first impressions part 2

26 JAN

In case anyone has been waiting for it, which I somewhat doubt, sorry for the horribly delayed second part of my First Impressions posts. I haven&rs... read more

Winter 2010, first impressions part 1

15 JAN

It’s that time again, the first episodes from most of the new series this season have aired! I’ll be doing my first impressions in two p... read more

Ready. Set. GO! 2010 Anime goals


So, thanks to the suggestions in my previous blogpost, I've come up with a couple of anime goals I'm going to keep myself to this year.1. (Mini-)Revie... read more

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