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Fall 2009 First Impressions II

21 OCT

Here it is, the promised update containing the last two shows I’ll be watching this season.

Blue Literature

I have high hopes for this anime. The animation is gorgeous, and fits a horror story perfectly (think Death Note character designs and dynamics meet Boogiepop Phantom brown and dark tones). Although we’ve only seen an introduction to a horror plot, the main character already has some depth and is definitely coming to life. There are still plenty of ways this show could screw up, but even saying I’m excited about this series is a grave understatement; this could very well become the best show of the (mostly underwhelming) Fall 2009 season.


Wow… That was definitely… unique. The "animation" in this show reminds me of SHAFTs style we know from Sayonara Zetsebou Sensei and Bakemonogatari, only in overdrive. Some parts are animated, lots of it is semi-animated and there are even a couple of shots with real video material only. Calling this anime colorful is a huge understatement as well; it’s almost mesmerizing to watch this rich colorfest for the full 24 minutes. The characters and the “plot” so far are sort of interesting, but not as quirky as I had hoped them to be. Will be continuing and most likely finishing this though.

As a small update on my previous Fall 2009 post, I’ve dropped the second season of Haruka and Sacred Blacksmith, and decided to continue with Letter Bee. Haruka is looking like it’s going to continue with the worst the first season had to offer: some extremely cheap, not funny-because-it’s-bad drama. The only time Haruka’s first season was sort-of funny, was when it was super lighthearted and overly clichéd. Sacred Blacksmith has gone the wrong route as well. Letter Bee on the other hand had a second episode that was at least as strong as the first one, if not better. The story seems to be going in an interesting direction, and this might turn out to be one of the few pure-fantasy stories I do like.

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Omurqi avatar Omurqi
Oct 21, 2009

Ouch T_T Thanks for pointing it out, updated

alexander avatar alexander
Oct 21, 2009

Why "unique SHAFT-style"? They had nothing to do with Kuchuu Buranko, so it's either a different style or not unique any more ;)

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