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Asura Cryin'

Apr 29, 2013

Asura Cryin

Now this anime is one of my favorites. Also one of the first anime series i watched. 
I'm not much of a Mecha anime fan. Well thats an understatement i never watch mecha anime. Suprisingly this anime is only proportionatly about the mecha. 

The male protagonist Natsume Tomoharu a young man leading a normal life moving into his brothers mansion while he studies, Pulled into a world were the strongest things in creation are known as Asura Machina. Giant machines powered by Sacrifical Dolls (souls) of people close to a person. With cults, Demons and Familiars on his case it makes his life seem seeminglessly impossible!
The use of the first episode to introduce Kurogane was brilliant you didn't see him right till the end of the episode and that just made me Personally more interested to see what happened next. So i went on. Each episode leaves it at a place were you WANT to see whats going to happen next and thats something i love in anime. The ones that make you want more. Make you need to see the next step the heroes will take.
Now Tomo is not alone in his quest. To power his fighting machina his friend and sacrifical doll Minakami Misao fight side by side.
He also has a demon who controls the fire element on his side Takatsuki Kanade is also there to fight for him to protect him for reasons you'll find out if you watch the anime! 
All in all the story was brilliant even if at first you find it hard to follow as there are no hooks to quell your curiosity for a few episodes!
As i said its a story that drags you in it makes you want to see more!

The animation was brilliant aswell. The effects of the machina especially Kurogane's summoning is astounding. The visual art and battle sequences that slightly stand out from the anime art is a thing of beauty.

The only thing i can comment on sound would be the parts of the Machina speech. You know those sciency type lines they say with the multi mechanical like voice when they are summoned or they are about to attack.
~Yeah Awesome.

The characters eh?
Well overall the characters Kanade wins for me. Shy docile and very cute, But will kick your *ss if you mess with Tomo.
She has great morals and willpower to boot! so she wins my favorite slot!

Overall Great anime and definately worth the watch and the second season is absolutely more amazing so get into that also!

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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