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OK before you judge a book by its cover and just say I'm throwing this rating around lightly JUST WAIT. I know alot of people say this anime resembles a Cowboy bebop that is simply less good. (A side note: Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime of all time)

BUT there are issues that go deeper than the gunsmoke, swearing and bullets. First of all, Black Lagoon (both seasons) takes a rather unique outlook on plot structure because it takes main ideas (Say, Revvy's difficulty coming to terms with her past in relation to Rock's) and stretch them over a series of mini-arcs. The Hanzel and Gretel arc was 4 episodes, the counterfeit money launderer was 3. Unlike Cowboy Bebop (again, i am not bashing it) which was to be viewed from episode to episode (like monster of the week style only bounty hunters) people watching Black Lagoon get the overriding themes of the series subtly worked into every arc.


I'm not generally one who likes the touchy-feely-relationship animes (THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM) but there was so much tension building between Revvy and Rock in that regard that i was practically yelling at my tv for one of them to bust a proverbial move. That's when you know an anime is good, when it has you begging for more.

What i found to be most refreshing in this series is that is takes a bold step against Japan in the depiction of the environment. In my review of the first season, i ranted and raved about the ENVIRONMENT of the series and Black Lagoon delivers again. The final arc n the series (5 episodes i think) is set in Japan, the first area outside of Roanapur that we (viewers) see and damn is it bleak. In stark contrast to the lush environment of the South China Sea, Japan is a bleak world of concrete, snow, and perpetually grey skies. It was a downer but that makes the series even better because of the dichotomy it creates between the two worlds and the characters (not just Rock and Revvy) form those two worlds. Just EXCELLENT

Again my simple recommendation is this: CHECK IT OUT YOU WONT REGRET IT

10/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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