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Black Lagoon

Nov 21, 2010

I wish there was a category for environment in the scoring because this anime takes the meaning of that word to a whole new level. Roanapur is the most cacophonous display of everything a gang-run underworld should be; despite characters constantly reminding us how small the city is, there seems to be niche for any and every crook or villian there. The scenery alone is enough to watch the series but the characters are another majpr selling point.

There is a very rapidly growing cliche of what main characters should be and how their supporting characters should act. The slightly nerdy yet unquestionably handsome, bashful, not good with women, i-like-to-wear-nice-clothes main character whines throughout the whole story and even once he does get the girl  (or 3 see the Neon Genesis Evangelion that should have been!) he still manages to cry his eyes out regardless.

Rock, the co-protagonist takes that cliche and grinds it into the pavement. He starts out like they all do and for the first 4 episodes, i was groaning as i thought i could see where the anime was going. THOUGHT. He does a 180 in the series and start to kick ass. Not literally, because he doesn't like weapons but the whining stops and is replaced not with crying, but with anger. This dude can practically talk a person into killing themselves and manage to dramatically whip his tie off in the process every time. By the end i loved this formerly corporate Japanese business man turned pirate.

The other main talking poin in this series is the other protagonist. Revvy. Or, Rebecca as the daring would call her. Revvy becomes the perfect partner to Rock because she has a bullet for every persuasive argument he utters. She's over the top, but it doesnt grind my nerves (very much like a present day Mugen of Samurai Champloo) like most of the badasses in series' tend to do.

I could write pages about the dynamics between the two or how AWSOME Dutch, Benny, Balalaika, and Boss Chang are (all notable characters in their own way) but Ill save that for The 2nd Barrage. Suffice to say: WATCH THIS SERIES!!!!

8/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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